One thought on “Happy Easter to All!

  1. I’m replying to you in regard to your cousin (?) Divie Beghtol; Kiva Lawrence ! She was my friend during Jr High school. My husband & I came for a visit in 1964; then 2 yrs ago. She was recovering from a procedure to remove her cancer from her face. She was very upset, but let me come for a visit,
    That’s the last time I saw or heard from her. When I came to CA to care for me so as he fights cancer, I tried to connect Dixie. My son got on the site showing all of Dixie’s work! There was your site, too!
    I was sooo happy to see all of your information!! 2017. He is having a terrible time fighting cancer, don’t know how much longer I’ll be here, but as he is getting chemo for at least 3-4 more months, I’ll be here. Thank you for listening. Jennefer Eldert.

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