Cryin’ the Chews

Face beet red.  Tears and mascara streaming down my face.  Unable to breathe because uncontrollable fits leave me gasping like a fish out of water.

Did my husband just tell me he was having an affair?
Did my oncologist just tell me the treatments hadn’t worked after all?
Did they find my elderly mother cold and unresponsive in her bed?


No no no no and Oh HELL No!

That’s a description of me, watching this.

I want to find this woman and make her be my friend.  Knowing nothing else about her but what’s shown in this 4 minute video, I can already tell….Candace Payne is one of my peeps.

Now, I’m off to to see if I can find a Chewy of my own.

Happy Friday, everyone!  And remember:  Life is too damn serious not to laugh your ass off at every possible opportunity.  Go on.  Your body and soul will thank you.

5 thoughts on “Cryin’ the Chews

    • Exactly so! The mask was fun but it was her laugh! Even now, writing this at 6am, I am giggling about it. I think they call it…infectious. :-)


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