A Pocket Full Of Feathers

They’ve been popping up everywhere.  Slightly curled and snow-white, some small and downy, others larger and a bit more robust.  I find them laying in our yards, and scattered all along the walking trail, like angelic bread crumbs.

White Heron feathers.

It’s my habit to put things in my pocket when I walk, and the feathers are no different.  A small handful in a dish sits in my living room where I can see it regularly.  These feathers are a reminder.  An affirmation.

Having walked this neighborhood for three years, finding an abundance of these particular feathers everywhere is unusual although seeing the birds themselves isn’t.  There are several waterways nearby and herons fly over head regularly.  I caught this big guy – a Blue Heron – hanging out with a couple of buddies a few months back.

Herons are rich in symbolism and no one does Animal Speak better than Avia over at What’s Your Sign.  If you have a moment, hitch a ride over to her place on this LINK and check out the full spectrum of Heron Symbolism.  You’ll understand why finding so many of these feathers is nothing less than supercalifragilistic during this season in my life.

Today I wrap up my first week at Habitat For Humanity, and – in a word –  it’s been AWESOME.  The work itself is rewarding and fun.  But more than that, it’s the people I’m working with that is so exciting.  I’m still getting to know everyone but I can already tell these are some great folks.  Most of them are volunteers, under 30, and really love what they are doing.  After a decade working in a toxic waste dump, this is like heaven!

I also attended the first of The Write Page writer’s group meetings.  Held 20160511_200607_resizedat the Katie Wheeler Library, an old Victorian built by an Irish immigrant who turned out to be the grand daddy of our county, it’s a combination of so many things I just love! About 30 of us ranging from 18 to 80….newbie college kids to old-time journalists and representing at least a half-dozen nationalities…all share the common bond of loving the written word.  I’m already learning so much and can’t wait for the next meeting!

My tribe – my NEW tribe – is coming together.  My new life is coming together, too.  The feeling is indescrible after such a long, solitary and difficult season.  Sure, there are still bits to add to the picture – a great paying part-time job, for one – but I know it’s coming.  I know.  Grace is surrounding me.

My peeps and a pocket full of feathers.  What a great day to be alive.  Think I’ll go for a walk before work.

Who knows what I might find.

19 thoughts on “A Pocket Full Of Feathers

    • Aw, thank you. I’m happy it touched you. Funny about the pockets….when its warmer and I don’t have a hoodie or a sweater on, I am a little lost without my pockets. Lol. Thanks for stopping by, Robin. Xo


  1. I love What’s Your Sign, too. The heron came to my backyard recently and so I was over there checking out his message. :) So glad you are enjoying Habitat. It’s a great time for new beginnings.

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  2. The part time job will pan out soon. All the positive energy you’re sending out will draw someone to you. I’m excited you like the work with Habitat for Humanity. I’ve yet to have the time to volunteer but it’s on my short list of organizations I would want to volunteer for. The other is our local aquarium.

    Sending some of my positive energy your way. I hope it helps! <3 :)

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    • Thanks, Brittany! :-). It’s been an awesome week….So many times I’ve thought about how I have wanted something like this for so long, and now, here it is. I appreciate all those positive vibes being sent my way. Xo


    • Hello, my friend! You have been on my mind and here you are! Yes, H4H is a great organization and I am really loving my time there. Who knows what might happen from here? Hope you are doing well!!! Xoxox


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