Interview With An Alien

conference room

I’ve been around for awhile.  I’ve gone a few places, done a few things, met a lot of people. Hundreds of 1000s over the course of my lifetime, probably.  I’m a real people person, and one of my favorite things is to connect with people who are different from me.

For example, I spent almost 20 years combined in the aerospace and semiconductor industries.  These years afforded me the opportunity to speak with and work with people from all over the world:  Spain.  Ireland.  France.  Germany.  Italy.  Various countries in Asia.

These were lengthy F2F interactions, not truncated virtual ones like experienced on Social Media.  Some of my all-time favorite occasions were the meals.  Potlucks and business lunches, client dinners and corporate parties.  There’s something about breaking bread and raising glasses together that really helps you get to know the people you hang with.

My favorite drinking buddies were from the UK.  The ones best for my ego were the handsome, flirty dudes from Italy.  (Bella!)  I loved smoking cigs and chatting with the French, but for some reason, they tended to have the worst body odor  which even the smoke couldn’t cover up.  My time with them was usually kept at a minimum…or a distance.

And then there were the Germans.  Ah, the Germans. Ich liebe dich, meine Freunde! We looked liked each other.  We shared the same temperament, the same sense of humor.  Occasionally, the same hair.


Albert Einstein (Photo Credit: Unknown)

But professional experience aside, I’m an avid people watcher. Not just the kind done while sitting outside, maybe enjoying a coffee with a friend, talking smack and keeping an eye on the passerbys.

I mean, I WATCH people.  I observe them, carefully, like I would a creature under the microscope, or if I was a detective on a case.  I do this even with people I’ve known for years.

Humans are pretty fascinating, and I often wonder if most of them know just how revealing they are.  How much information they put out.  Not just by what they say, but by what they do.  Their body language.  The words they choose, and the words they don’t.   Sometimes I think it’s what people don’t say…what they don’t do…that speaks the loudest about who they are.

And then, there are the eyes.  The proverbial “windows to the soul”.

My Eyes

My Eyes

Eyes are amazing, and can reveal so much about someone.  They show emotion.  They speak of intellect. Interest.  Shadiness.  Illness.  Deceit.

Ever talk to someone who didn’t look you in the eye when you were speaking?  It’s SO annoying.  Makes me wonder what they are hiding, or hiding from. Eyes give clues.  If you know what to look for, you can – with a high degree of accuracy – determine if someone is being dishonest, or  tapping into a memory, or accessing their feelings.

And really, there’s nothing better than having a great conversation with someone who looks at you straight on. It lets you know that they are engaged and listening. To listen, you have to be Present and being Present IS a gift.

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing today.

This past Monday, I spent 45 minutes with a young woman who, I swear, was one of the most unusual human beings I’ve ever met.  So unusual, in fact, that it was hard to keep focused on our conversation because I was so busy watching her watch me.  I kept thinking, “This is weird.  Her eyes.  They don’t move.  They don’t quiver, even when she speaks.  Why does she look at me like that, like…like… an alien.”

Seriously! I used that word: ALIEN. And I wasn’t on medication or anything!

Tall, lean, and pretty – with long blond hair parted on the side – her name was Shannon.  I’m guessing in her late 20s, Shannon was articulate, professional and thorough.  I was there to interview for a volunteer position that sounded smack in my wheel house:  12-15 hours a week handling social media, blogging, taking photographs for their online resale store, doing event marketing….

Since I haven’t landed a new paying job yet, I thought perhaps volunteering might be the direction to go.  The opportunity certainly read like something I’d enjoy doing, and for a non-profit organization I have a lot of respect for.

Anyway, Shannon greeted me in the lobby and escorted me to a simply furnished conference room.  We sat down and I decided to pick the chair closest to her, on the end. The first thing I noticed about her was her physical energy.  She moved with a level of stillness I’m not accustomed to, as if no effort were being exerted. A dichotomy, right?  Still motion?  And quiet.  Her whole being exuded quiet and calm.  She barely moved and when she spoke, her voice was pleasant, well modulated and measured.  Almost robotic in it’s lack of certain inflections.

But it was her eyes that captivated me.  Large, bright blue irises ringed with a darker color and fringed with thick lashes, there were several occasions when I found myself checking to make sure she was blinking. I have to be honest, it was slightly unnerving and I don’t unnerve easily.  In all my life, with all of the conversations I’ve had, I’ve never met anyone – especially someone so young – who displayed such absolute, intent focus.  It was like she was looking into me, as well as at me.  Not in a hostile or threatening way.  She just sat so motionless, and spoke, and looked. Watching.  Like “staring”, without any  rudeness.

I literally breathed a sigh of relief when she finally blinked, and even  laughed a little.  And when she took her eyes off of me a time or too, I thought, OK….maybe she’s a human after all.  But then, BOOM! She’d be right back with her lazer beams on me again.   A female Spock in a t-shirt, cardigan and jeans.

When it came time to leave, I was graciously led back to the lobby in that still-motion kinda way.   We shook hands.  She said she appreciated my time and talents, still had others to interview, and told me that I’d hear later this week if I got the gig.

Several days later and my meeting Shannon is still haunts me.  Not a big “alien abduction” type,  I do believe there must be life “out there” from a purely “mathematical probability” standpoint, if nothing else. And why wouldn’t our beautiful Blue Planet be a likely destination location for some of them?  I’ve read the stories, and some theories…..conspiracy and otherwise…. of Off-Worlders cohabitating with us human types.  Hell, some of them are reported to be working with and in our own government, if Cory Goode can be believed.

The idea of alien life forms fascinates me and has been part of my consciousness forever.  I am of the generation of the original Star Trek and Lost In Space TV shows.  I stood in line for hours up in Hollywood to see the first Star Wars movie in 1977 (with a major crush on Hans Solo).  And yeah, I’ll admit it.  There have been times when, late at night or early predawn hours, I’ve stared up at the stars – wondering who was out there and secretly longing to meet them.

The Good Guys, that is.

Could it true?  Did I’ve finally meet one?   Did I experience First Contact? Shannon certainly fit the bill physically for a race called the Pleiadians, and her vibe was the most unusual I’ve ever encountered.  She beamed all good things – peace, awareness, altruism.  Even her name means, “Ancient Wise One”.

Whew!  Lots to think about….

I gotta go now.  I got hooked on a show I discovered last week on Amazon Prime and I’m pretty  obsessed with it – staying up late into the wee hours to watch episode after episode until I’m blurry-eyed.  With only a few more episodes to watch of the last season, the storyline is a real cliff hanger:  A post-apocalyptic epic where the Human Race is fighting for their very existence and for Lexi_Alexis_Glass-Mason_S4Planet Earth.  Falling Skies, it’s called.  One of the characters, Alexis, just gave her life to save her family.  Well, her human family.  She was a blonde haired, bright blue eyed half-breed with superpowers…The biological product of an multi-species take over agenda by some real Bad Dudes.

Those eyes….they look a lot like those of my girl, Shannon.

20 thoughts on “Interview With An Alien

  1. And why not? I’ve always wondered if they are out there, based on the pictures I’ve seen from satellites and such, well jeez, they would Have to come here, at least to vacation at the beach or go skiing! Let’s face it, you just cannot find that anywhere nearby….;)

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  2. What a fascinating Encounter of the Unusual kind. Pleidean sounds about right, I think. There is a strong element of the firm opinion that some of our Star Family members do indeed live amongst us here. She certainly sounds like she fits the bill :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I was only half teasing when I wrote this! The unusual-ness of my new friend was fascinating! And, as of last Thursday, it turns out the Universe does want me for this gig! I start next week and will be seeing my Star Sister again! :-)


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  4. I love the shot of your eyes. My husband’s has that same brown spot among blue. Heterochromia a rarity indeed. ;)

    I love Falling Skies. Past-addict myself. Waiting on the next season to come out.

    Weird about your encounter. She definitely sounds alien but then aren’t we all a little bit?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! And who knew there was a name for these eyes! (When I was little, I used to tell people my brother hit me in the eye with a baseball bat. Lol!). Is Falling Skies going to come around again? I thought that was the end of it. Yay! :-)

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