Walking On

I woke early again this morning, not feeling well, and I knew my body was responding to the emotional energy that is moving inside and through and around me.

After a quiet time of meditation, prayer and tea, where I cried to release some of the pressure building in my chest, I decided to prepare something to eat.  And when I did, I surprised myself by BBQing a small steak I found, and baking a potato.  I ate both with relish, and – in the case of the root – a lot of butter. That it was 10:30 in the morning didn’t matter, and I felt better for eating something Earthy and grounding.

My plans for the day included a quiet Being rather than Doing, and I picked up my iPad, tapped the Gaia app, and was transported.  It was there I found this video, this gift.  I have now watched it several times and each time I do, I cry at the end.  Good tears.  Tears of love and gratitude.

Even without the stunning visuals, it contains such a powerful healing that I would swear it was written especially for me, and for this moment in particular.  That’s why I transcribed it below.  My hope is that you will find it as full of comfort and peace as I did.

Walk On – A Revelation on the Journey of Life
From “Graceful Passages” by Gary Malkin

Good morning, Grandfather,

I entered this life a ways back
and put skin on
to walk two-legged on this creation
and what a glorious time it was.

It taught me about breath
and about sense and feeling
and caring through my heart

and I walked on around that Red Road
Looking and trying to understand more
About The Mystery
And the secrets She holds

And You spoke to me
through the wind
and You sang to me through the birds
And You brought challenges forth
so that I might listen to the message You bring me
more sincerely

And I kept walking down this road…

And I came around the bend
at the middle of that curve in the road
and I began to find a secret
in the Spirit of myself

And still I walked on…

Sometimes blind and deaf
And sometimes with pain
But I fought with my fears
And I embraced my unknowingness

And still I walked on…

And as The Door of the Great Spirit World came closer
my fear loomed up inside sometimes
but Something called me forth
The Morning Star rose with each day
And my prayer became a centering

And still I walked on…

Until I began to hear the Song of the Mother
And Her arms embraced me so
That instead of walking
She carried me right to The Door
And as The Door opened
I heard Her Song
And Her Song lifted me up

So I could soar…

5 thoughts on “Walking On

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous in images and wisdom. I am going to begin my day with this for the next while. And of course it is from Graceful Passages so I will smile each time I see that and send a blessing of love your way.


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