In Memory Of Dr. Wayne Dyer

For those who were students and appreciators of Dr. Wayne Dyer and his work, his sudden and unexpected death on August 29, 2015 came as a huge shock.20150805_065656

I count myself as one of those people, and not just because he shared a strong resemblance to my father.

Coming late to the New Thought party, I didn’t hear of Dr. Dyer until sometime around 2002.  But once I had, I was hooked.  Many of his books are on my shelves.  I’ve watched untold number of PBS specials with him as the speaker, and I attribute his work for being some of the most meaningful in my life in the last decade.

As I am not quite up to writing a full post this morning, I thought I would share a fantastic article that arrived in my email this morning.  Written by Luminita Savius over at Purpose Fairy.

It’s called, “15 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Wayne Dyer”, and you can find it HERE.

I love all 15 of Luminita’s points, but especially No. 11.  It’s one I’m practicing a lot these days….

11. No need to stress over everything.

Believe it or not, there is an invisible force who created the whole world, the whole Universe and this force becomes available to us the moment we stop trying to do it all by ourselves, the moment we decide to allow events to take their natural course and just go with the FLOW.

“Good morning, this is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help. So have a miraculous day.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Wishing YOU a miraculous day as well.

6 thoughts on “In Memory Of Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. Oh my, somehow I missed the news that Dr Dyer passed away! I often watched his PBS specials (when I still had television) and have a few of his books. A good time to pull them out and re-read.

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    • It was so weird ….i was on Facebook at the time when something caught my eye. I Googled and it was too fresh to be there yet, and I had to go searching. Very surreal. I just pulled ,”Inspiration…Your Ultimate Calling” off the shelf. :-)

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  2. Not much of a follower of Dr.Wayne Dyer,reading his inspirational quotes on and off,you know kind of motivational.
    OK,one which I liked was,’Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you’.

    Another one something to this effect,don’t remember the exact words,when you judge others,you actually judge yourself.

    Dr Wayne was truly great.

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  3. Part of the genius – love, really – of Dyer is how he was able to speak to so many people. I disagreed with him in almost every way but never once came away from a book or talk of his when I didn’t learn something valuable. I will miss him.

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    • How interesting, Dennis, that you disagreed with him so much and yet still read his books and listened to him. That speaks a lot to you and your openness. I, also, didn’t agree with everything he said (for example, I’m not into the whole “Abraham” thing), however, I don’t agree 100% with ANYONE. That shouldn’t keep me…”us”….from learning something new, as you say. LOL Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  4. Yes his passing upset me greatly when I heard the news,.,. Yet his work I am sure is only just beginning.. And I am certain his home-coming would have been a great celebration..

    His books, tapes and video’s were of the first to alter my own path out of the shadows into the Light of loving self..

    Love and Hugs Sue xx

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