A Change In Direction – A New Blogging Journey


2015 is proving to be THE Year of Radical Transformation for me, catapulted by a diagnosis of Breast Cancer that I received back in January.

Like most people given the news that they have a life threatening illness, my first thought was, “This can’t be happening!”  It’s true what they say, you know.  You never think it could happen to you. I’ve always been a strong, independent, capable woman.  After receiving the news just prior to my 58th birthday, I was feeling anything but.  Instead, I felt fragile and petrified. I wasn’t sure what to do, where to go, and who to talk to, to get my life back!

Mostly, I acutely felt my mortality for the first time ever.  This shit could kill me.

Breast cancer has impacted every aspect of my life, not just my health.  My relationships, my job, my spiritual and emotional lives, my finances and my sense of self have all been enormously impacted – I will never be the same.

And I’m beginning to think this may be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I’m learning so much while on this journey, and here’s one thing that I know for sure:  While there are definitely moments of gut wrenching fear, pain, and loss, there are many more moments of receiving unconditional love, peace, healing, and extravagant Grace.  Life has a new preciousness to it now.  I savor and find pleasure in the small, simple things, all while taking an honest look at what’s really important to me and how I want to live out the rest of this wild ride called LIFE.

There are still good things yet to be experienced.  GREAT things, even.  My best days really are ahead of me!

If I only stay in a place of SURRENDER, TRUST and BELIEF….

So, you may have noticed by now.  The Wild Pomegranate is gone, and Grace Upside Down is here with a new look, a new name, and new direction.  I have felt The Call to blog primarily about my own “dance” with breast cancer (love this term coined by Susan Weed, The Wise Woman!) and all the stuff that goes along with it.  However, not all posts will be BC related.  This is another thing I know: Breast cancer doesn’t define me.  It’s only one season in a long chain of seasons in my life.

But this dance is honing me and purifying me like a great big Fiery Furnace of Alchemy.  The lead is turning to gold.  I am going to come out of this thing bearing Gifts and I want to share them.  I will come out this deal in better shape than I was going in.  For all intents and purposes, I will be a completely changed woman, more ME than I’ve ever been, and yet different in innumerable ways.  Ways that I want to be in alignment with the highest version of myself and my purpose.

My hope is that what I provide here will be helpful to others engaged in their own dance with breast cancer, as well as caretakers and anyone else who might want to stick along for the ride.  That being said….

To My Subscribers:  Some of you have been with me since the beginning in 2007.  Please, please, please know that I will not take offense if you decide to unsubscribe in the face of this new direction I’m taking.  I totally get it if it’s not for you.  THANK YOU for the time that you did spend with me here, and I wish you much health and happiness!

For anyone else who decides to stay – and for the new people who make their way here –

Welcome to my Initiation.

17 thoughts on “A Change In Direction – A New Blogging Journey

    • Hi, Arlene (That’s my moms’ name, same spelling! :-). ). I will be happy to follow you. And thanks. Just yesterday I had Round 4. Of the 6 needed of Chemo. When that is done I am to have 6 weeks or so of radiation, and I will be on the intraveneous Herceptin until next July. So my full treatment plan will take about 15 months…had the two surgeries needed already. Thanks for atopping by and looking forward to reading about you. Xox


  1. Hi Grace,am from India,have been following your posts for quite sometime ,but was somehow hesitant to communicate.Anyway here I am today at last!the thing is I think you are an awesome person,I don’t kind of see any reason for anyone to ‘unscribe’you-yea,you might say many reasons for many to ‘subscribe’.You write soooooo well evoking emotions ,I mean emotions in the real sense!!

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    • Well, hello there! How sweet of you to come out and comment, Kama, and what a comment it is. Thank you so very much! It makes me feel good to know that people connect in some way with what I write, Keepin’ it real is all I can do, and your comment here is just the fuel I need to keep going. much appreciation, lady! Xox

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  2. My darling dancer, I would follow you to the moon. So very glad we reconnected, and I look forward to whatever direction you take. You are my favorite sort of fool: passionate, mindful, playful, and adventurous. ~ Nan

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    • ((( Nan ))) Girl, it takes a fool to know one. :) Thank you so much for your love and support. I am also very grateful we have reconnected as well, and having you in my life means so much. HUGS to you, woman! xoxo


  3. I saw Grace Upside Down in my reader and knew you were on a new path. I’m feeling called to one myself. From one cancer survivor to another, I’m here for you. Just because you’re you, I’m signed onto this journey with you, in whatever direction it goes! <3 MW


  4. Yeah, just want to add DITTO! I can’t imagine unsubscribing just cause you change it up a little… you’re still you and it’s you that makes me wanna read :)


  5. ‘Enjoyed’ doesn’t sound like quite the right response. Your post reminds me of Stephen Gould. He was a respected and well known evolutionist who, once diagnosed with cancer, entered into that most productive and happy time of his life. Hope all is well and I look forward to more posts.

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    • Thank you so very much, Dennis. I hope that you DO enjoy what I write…I’ve taken down the 9 years worth of posts that were here previously, so as to help with the whole “clean slate” thing, otherwise, you would have a bit more to read to get a feel for who I am. I’ll be heading over to your space, and look forward to learning more about you and your writing as well. Thanks again.


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