15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Mermaid Me

    • Aw, thanks. Actually, I never had much of an eyebrow and I cosmetically enhance them. Haven’t lost what few hairs I had….and still have most of my lashes. Also, I have short white hairs growing on my head even now. In the middle of chemo! Not sure what is up with that, but I guess it sometimes happens. Thank you, Jeni. Xox Sending you love


  1. Somehow missed this post… you are gorgeous. Your inner beauty truly shines through.

    I’m curious when your hair grows back, after all the chemo, if the texture changes at all. Several women I know who have gone through chemo/radiation have had their hair grow back dramatically different. One woman, young in her early 30s, had chestnut brown hair that grew back completely white. Another went from straight to curly and someone else lost their curl. All said their hair came back thicker than it was prior though. I’m wondering if that was just coincidence or is a typical side-effect. Course, I could just hit the google machine but, nah, that’s too much effort :-)

    Personally, I’m loving my shaved peach fuzz head! I swear, best thing I ever did was shave it off.

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    • :) I don’t know if you can see it, but I have little white hairs growing all over my head. I’m beginning to look like one of those dolls with the bug eyes and the scrappy white hair. Know the ones I mean?? Not sure what is going on since I’m only half way done…but hey, if it grows back all white, I’ll be cool with that :) You look ADORABLE in your buzz cut!!! Thanks for the complements, girlie. It was an OK day :)


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