Entering The Rest

My days meander now.
Sure, there’s the occasional appointment to attend to,
or some “chore” that needs to be done.
But in this new found freedom of
unstructured hours that are quickly
turning into weeks
which will, eventually, I suppose,
turn into months,
I find a softness I didn’t know I had
or forgot I had.

It shows up in my mid day nap
or when I suddenly look at the clock
and realize
it’s 1:00 p.m. and I’m still in my jammies.

Juxtapositioned against this softness
is the fact that I’m physically busier now
than I ever was while sitting at a desk
I move, on and off all day long

My movements ebb and flow like the tides.
And my body has found
relaxation in this movement
In the bending and lifting and plucking and walking about
of an ordinary day at home
filled with things that heal
Walks outside
Home making
Showering and oiling my body with herbal medicines

How gentle my weekdays have become
when I’m home alone
away from the stress and
dysfunction of my workplace

How beautiful the quiet…
How gorgeous the day spent without another sound
except the chirping of birds
or the tea kettle’s whistle
or some distant neighbors lawn mower

I have so much to be grateful for!

It is said that God gives Joy in the Present Moment.
I believe that.
When I don’t think about “what was”
And I stay away from “what might be”
I find a river of Joy
Flowing through  my soul.
And where there is Joy
there is peace
And where there is peace
there is rest.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to
be sick or to die
in order to rest.
The heavy labor is over
The burden has been lifted
My job is to make sure
I don’t pick it up again

It is well with my soul.

7 thoughts on “Entering The Rest

  1. Awww I am so pleased about this Grace.. that you have found the peace within and are learning to balance the outer world.. Your words reflect much of what my sister found in her moments of crisis.. Peace was brought up and out to calm her soul.. And I see the exact same happening to you.. Long may you walk in the beauty of Peaceful reflection and Perfect health.. Love and Blessings your way.. xxx Hugs Sue xxx <3


    • (((( Sue ))) thank you, angel. Your words remind me of a photo I saw once. It was of a bird, sitting in it’s nest. NOT unusual until you saw where the nest was…it had been built in this out cropping of rock right in the middle of a raging waterfall. God does have a way to bring us to a peaceful place regardless of what’s happening “out there”, doesn’t S/he??? Thank you for sharing more about your sister as well. Love to you! xox

      Liked by 1 person

      • I so so love my sister who has been through such a lot in her life… And it was her strength of will that got her through… I doubt I could have been so strong with a young family of four to look after… Sending love and Hugs and Peace can be found even under a raging ocean.. Love right on back at you.. <3


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