Friday Fiction – Up In Smoke

A writing prompt came across my Reader this morning called, “Friday Fiction” – the brain child adopted child of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields over at Addicted To Purple.   The photo prompt immediately caught my attention – I’m a lover of all things vintage – and prompts are a great way to get the juices flowing, creative or otherwise.

The idea is to use the photo as inspiration for an original story, 100 words or less.  So here it is, my first contribution to Friday Fiction: “Up In Smoke”.  It came in at exactly 100 words, but only after culling some I really wanted to keep.  LOL

antique-deskPhoto Credit:  Photo by Jan Wayne Fields, Rochelle’s husband

Gazing at her grandfather’s desk, Neeley remembered the man who once occupied it’s chair for hours pouring over the numbers he meticulously kept on his tobacco crops.

Once so familiar and beloved, with his ink stained fingertips, twinkling green eyes and the smell of smoke that clung to him, Richard Jamestone was now a complete stranger.

When she stumbled upon three journals hidden in the attic, Neeley thought she had discovered a treasure.  Her heart lept at the thought of learning more about this man who was so kind and gentle with her.

What she discovered instead was murder.

36 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – Up In Smoke

  1. Dear Grace,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I can’t claim to be the creator, just the adoptive mother with blessings from the originator Madison Woods. ;) Happy to have you aboard.

    What a disturbing thing to find. Well crafted story.




    • Thank you so very much, Subroto! Its a wonderful group of writers participating and I hope to get to everyone’s to comment. Last count, there were almost 100 of us. I may need to quit my job so I can blog more! haha :)


    • Exactly! :) Thanks, Pawan. These short stories are a lot of fun, as I don’t really write too much fiction. Tried several times. Getting more than a dozen chapters or so is hard! Most of my stories come from real life.


  2. that pomegranate, eye catching and looks so delicious…oh, right, sorry, got distracted. i felt your character’s excitement as she anticipated learning more about her family history. great ending that leaves the imagination to wonder what next…


    • Thanks, Anita :) Since this is my first time to play along, I might use this as sort of “chapter 1” in a series for the prompt. I’d like to find out exactly what Neeley found! ;-)


  3. This is a really wonderful piece to the prompt. It holds the promise of wanting to know more, but it fills the imagination with just enough, if you know what I mean. Flash Fiction is a wonderful little way to get the words flowing, along with ideas.Well done Grace. :)


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