Moonage Daydreams


Did I ever mention that I was a total David Bowie freak?  Oh Yeah…Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars …the Thin White Duke….Glam rock was one of my favorites looks – Silver eyeshadow, 6 inch plat forms, stand up shags, studded EVERYTHING….man, those were the days, huh?

One of the advantages of not having an internet connection at home is that I am now “forced” to fill in the blank spaces between this activity and that with something that captures my attention for more than – say – 5 minutes at a time.

Maybe it’s just me.  Naw.  It’s not just me. 

Have you noticed that the more time you spend on line, the shorter your attention span is?  I’m not talking about a few days here and there – maybe when you’re home sick or closeted in on a rainy day – where you decide to Cyber Surf until 3 a.m. instead of Channel Surf.  Speaking of channel surfing, I’m not much of a TV watcher myself….OK wait!

I’ve been meaning to write this list for some time.  These are my current TV addictions.  In no particular order:

1. American Idol
2. Hell’s Kitchen
3. Top Chef

Oh.  Uh…That’s about it.  See?  I told you I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, well…I REALLY watch.  As in “No, I’m sorry I can’t see you tonight Sir Hunkilicious unless you want to come over here to couch potato with me.  See, Ben just threw Matty under the bus (or so he thinks) and I want to see if the girls are going to throw him back or not.”   Have I told you yet about Sir H?

WHY am I writing about Hell’s Kitchen again?  OH! Right!


As in my ongoing recovery from Attention (or is it Activity??) Deficit Disorder that was – perhaps – caused by spending too many hours online.  Clicking here, reading this, surfing there, viewing that.  For someone with An Inquiring Mind (and occasionally, too much time on her hands in front of a computer), the Internet is either the Bane or the Boon of existence.

And as we all know, existing isn’t the same as living.

While I am finding it challenging to squeeze in any sort of ‘responsible’ blogging (where did the days of Blogging Without Obligation go, anyway?  Is that even possible?) with emailing my friends and family, and preparing card readings (I got three requests just this week), I AM enjoying the freedom that living Netless on the home front is providing me.  Why, I’m doing things like actually sitting still with one project for more than 15 minutes!  Whoa!  And I’m finishing books that I start (do you know that I feel guilty when I would look at a pile of half-read books?), and going for long rambling walks for no other reason that it’s just a lovely thing to do!  I’m experiencing bouts of spontaneous culinary investigationism, visiting with neighbors more and spending hours with my chin in my hand, looking out through the trees limbs, and creating my future.

Now, I should add that none of this is really “new”.  I’ve been a recovering Over Doer for a few years now.  Ever meet anyone who feels guilty for laying around on a Saturday morning just to read the paper in bed?  After spending 50 hours a week on the work thing, and after 3 trips to the gym, a “fun” class or 2, and a trip to the grocery store, and doing laundry and errands and dinners with Special Someone’s and… Yeah, take a friggin EXHALE, would ya? BREATHEEEEEEEEEE


For a long long time I was so relaxation challenged that it took some body part screaming loudly before I was “forced” to take some R&R that I really needed. Fortunately, I’ve learned – or retrained myself – to enjoy  “Doin’ Nothin” time as an activity (LOL) to be embraced with pleasure and a clean conscious.  Gone are the days of Sneak Napping, Stealth Lounging, and Cloaked Chillin’.  I can actually stay in bed for HOURS on a Saturday morning without feeling much more than a slight twinge of “isn’t there something worthwhile I should be doing?” rippling my skin.


As I read back over this post, I realize something again.  Something very very important.

As technology continues to hurl life into Tomorrow at break neck speed – with our bodies like hosts for freakishly prolific and parasitic iPods and iPhones and Earbuds – it becomes more important than ever before for us to DISCONNECT.  We need to remember to disconnect to STAY CONNECTED.  We need to stop bombarding ourselves with news and music and emails long enough so that we can rest in the arms of Silence and hear our own heartbeats.  Our own breathing.  Our own souls.

Because our souls really are broadcasting to us LIVE every moment of every day.  And as things continue to spin out of control around us, we’re going to need that still, steady CENTERED place within….to guide us safely Home…..


THIS is your American Idol

(EDIT!  I had a completely different Bowie song up…but after reading GoldenFeri’s comment, I just HAD to change it!  READY EVERYONE??? You know what to do!



18 thoughts on “Moonage Daydreams

    My very first concert was David, and I am still in love, not like he would ever leave Imman for me… but hey! Let’s here it for fantasies!
    All time favorite is rock -n-roll suicide..”oh no love your not alone”
    Yeah I have a bit of ADD too, it’s in the form of “oh look a chicken!” Just don’t have the web time with all the other stuff on my plate, but if you could sit on your bed for 50 minutes on a sunday morning, i could at least try!

    hahahaha I’m actually laughing out loud @the “look a chicken” thing! THAT’S ME!!! In fact, I have to be really careful that I don’t do that in the middle of a conversation, you know??? :) Girl, how many hours did YOU sit and listen to Bowie??? OH MY GOD. I bet we would have been great friends in those days!!! :) these days, too ;) hugs,xoxox


  2. You blog when you can and forget obligation. We will all come back to read you regardless. I think it’s great that you can disconnect at home and do other things as our world is really becoming wrapped up in technolog. The kids at work talk about their phones and all the toys on them. I hate phones so I must be old.

    ((( GF ))) Thank you. :)


  3. Oh and I can hear the song “Let’s Dance” playing in my head right now. David Bowie..yes.

    hahaha That was almost the song that went up, Goldenferi! Because of your comment here, I just HAD to change it!! :)


  4. I got to see Bowie at an outdoor concert a couple of years ago. We splurged and sat right up front. HOly COw! Best concert I’ve ever attended and for the record even up close he is still HOT!!! yummm.

    woooo whoooo!!! Oh, now I’m jealous! :) He IS yummy still….I love the look with the longer hair and that little soul patch thingy under his bottom lip. But then, soul patches turn me on anyway. LOLLOL ;)


  5. I’m glad you feel you have more time, that is essential to sanity. I know I spend way too much time online for my health but am trying to learn how to do this with moderation.

    I’m a HUGE Hell’s Kitchen fan. I adore Ramsay. He is so passionate and yes, he’s scary at times but I just can’t stop watching.

    I used to spend too much time watching TV but since the writers’ strike and then them cancelling all the shows I like I am reading and crafting more. Which is good!

    Know what’s funny, Suzie? 24 hours is 24 hours. The difference is in what I DO with those hours, you know what I mean? In the past, I actually had physical problems from sitting too long at a desk in front of a computer. I do it as part of my job 40 hours/week. And then to do it even another 2 hours at home a day (which sounds “OK” timewise), makes 10 hours a day! LOL NOT GOOD.

    Another RAMSEY fan! WOOO WOOO Isn’t he GREAT!?!?!


  6. OMG, sorrow’s chicken comment had me rolling on the floor. So true!
    The only way I get my morning pages done are the days I shut down the ‘puter before going to bed as a reminder I have other things to do. I get sucked in pretty easily.
    Don’t have a TV, threw that out three years ago with the ex.

    ‘Scuse me….going off to feed my soul now… *smiles*

    LOL The TV in the BEDROOM went with my ex….what an act of LOVE that was on my part, to allow a TV in my bedroom! LOLOL One that I will NOT be repeating, thankyouverymuch.

    Your soul looks LUSCIOUS from here, girl :)


  7. I find myself wondering what song you had up before you changed it. There are so many to choose from with Bowie. One of my favorite more obscure ones is Kooks from Hunky Dory. Oh, and I recently heard Prettiest Star from Aladdin Sane – I’d forgotten how good it was. Incidentally, I lived in Bromley for a year or so from 1963-64, at about the time when Bowie was attending the Technical School there. I quite possibly passed him in the street! (Hmm, I don’t suppose that is quite enough to launch me on the after-dinner speaking circuit, is it?)

    Blog-life balance is difficult one. The secret is to write your blog and read other people’s really quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the knack of either. So my solution (for the time being) is just to write a post or two a month over the summer – which should allow me more time for all the other wonderful things which life has to offer. And as you suggest, there’s another form of connection it’s all too easy to overlook amongst the noise of the modern world, one that doesn’t use wires – or wi-fi either.

    (Was it Changes by any chance?)

    ((( Simon ))) oh, just a wee bit darker than that really…”Ashes to Ashes”….as a tie in to the whole ‘addiction’ thing :) It was HARD to pick a song! I was all in the Diamond Dogs area – and I probably swapped songs like 4 times! LOL

    What a cool “6 Degrees” thing, that you and Bowie shared space like that!


  8. You’re a TRIP!!! Confession*** I thought David Bowie was so cute in Labyrinth… I was about 8 or 9 when I first saw it and my friends must have thought I was creepy… You are truly a gift… you manage to be serious when need be and absolutely funny when need be… Thank You for the laugh and memories…

    By the way… I watch only 2 shows… Top Chef and Little Bush… Must check that out… its outrageous!

    Have a great weekend!


  9. This is a fabulous post Goddess :)
    Seeing my hubby and I just got out of bed and then paid homage to the espresso machine on our kitchen counter (it’s 11am), I guess I shouldn’t winge too much about balance, but I do totally get what you’re on about here! I find mananging my blogging time particularly difficult, which is why I stopped for a while.
    Love ya xx


  10. Hi Grace! I am laughing because the PACE of this post was FAST! and yet, it was sort of about slowing down and just ‘be’-ing, right? I had to comment before I go watch the video. And then I’m going to do something/anything OFFLINE. hee hee


  11. Be-ing is a lot different then do-ing.

    Smiling real big…

    I’ve been watching Hell’s Kitchen lately, too, but only because there isn’t anything else on at that time. BECAUSE of the energies Ramsey radiates, I sure as *hell* would NOT want to put a single bite prepared in his kitchen in my body…


  12. GLEN – Wow, that was actually the song that was going through my head the whole time I wrote this! Thanks for feeling me :)

    yBONESy – David Bowie has definitely had alot of ‘looks’, hasn’t he? I think he’s handsome an odd sort of way. Maybe it’s the eyes LOL

    ENYA – Little Bush? Is that the cartoon thingy on G.W.? ewwwwww Girl! what are you doing?? lol ;-) Well, I had fun with this post…I was hoping that the writing would sort of relay some of what my head looks like sometimes..darting off here and there. :) Thanks for getting that! xoxox

    SIMONNE – :) You’re time with hubby sounds delicious and I look forward to those times for myself! lol Yeah, taking a break is sometimes the only thing we can do for our mental health, right? I mean, I want to be ‘crazy’ without being insane! LOL ;)

    SUE ANN! LOL Well, I’m feeling ya, girlfriend. With one difference. I wouldn’t eat anything out of that kitchen because frankly, with all the smoking and stuff going on, the cooks just seem…uh…icky to me sometimes, from a “do I really want to eat something prepared by those hands’ kinda way!

    GYPSYGIRL – How could I MISS Fantasia! That hair! lol She was sure shaking her thang, that’s for sure :) Fun stuff…and thanks for the love!

    CORDIE – I get that :) For me blogging has been a compulsion at times….I blogged when I did have something to say, and when I didn’t. Sometimes it was a ‘time’ filler, and sometimes it was something I had to do to purge my soul…isn’t it all beautiful? Just like you!

    BEWEAVER – hehehe welllllllllll, thank you (insert hugeass grin here) ;)


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