Photographs: The Southern California Fires


The smoke is getting worse here in Irvine.  We’re so happy that the Santa Ana’s have stopped, but without wind (or, getting the wind coming off the ocean now), the smoke is staying thick in the valleys and across the city.  It was like driving in a light fog this moring.  I hear that in many places, the fire was so hot that the houses literally caught on fire from the inside out.  Spontaneously combusting from within.

And no one is talking (yet) about what will happen in these areas when the rains eventually come.  Fires and landslides go hand-in-hand around here.

I received these pictures in an email this morning….I’m sorry but the photographer (s) weren’t mentioned – they were sent in an chain-style email, asking for Prayer for the Firefighters, and all of the communities that are affected.

Here’s a link where you can see a video of the Valley Oaks MHP in Fallbrook.  Our company owns a home there and we will probably be the ones that will be going in to clean up the park – and hopefully – get these people into new homes.  Fallbrook is our ‘avocado’ region and according to the last figures I heard, +40% of the crops have been destroyed.  Here’s the link to the video:

We just got an email that our park in Warner Springs (San Diego County) is on Mandatory evacuation.  Our employees who live there (the onsite managers) were just text messaged to GET OUT!

I’ll let the pictures say the rest.














14 thoughts on “Photographs: The Southern California Fires

  1. Wow!
    Stay safe!!
    It is amazing!

    ((( Mark )) Thanks, I’m very safe. And yet, there is this amazing quality to the power of fire. It’s the first time I’ve seen a fire tornado.


  2. Wow, those are the first pictures I’ve seen that really make me feel what it must be like to be there, and seeing/living it. Thanks for posting it Grace, and I’m so glad you have been safe through all this!

    ((( Deb ))) Yes, I’ve been very safe this year – and the pictures are truly amazing, aren’t they??? Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Wow. that is just crazy, MsGrace.
    Do stay safe .. I’ll keep you and the many others in my thoughts.

    ((( Red )))Thank you! I’m very safe today, fortunately. And we all appreciate you keeping California in your thoughts :) They are powerful.


  4. Sad-fantastic pictures. Like Deb, these are the first pictures that make me feel like I have a better understanding of what it’s really like. Be safe, Grace.

    ((( OB ))) Thanks for your thoughts! I’m very safe right now, although the Santiago fire (the one burning closest to me) is still out of control by last report. It’s about 20 miles or so from here, but I think the winds are taking it up and around this area. Glad you were touched by the photos…that’s what I was going for.


  5. Wow- those pictures are unbelievable! Fire and water and wind: they can each be quite beautiful on a small scale, from a flickering candle, a single snowflake and a jostling wind chime, but on a grand scale, the destructive potential they each hold is enormous and often incomprehensible.
    This too shall pass, and I pray in the meantime for all those affected!
    Blessings of safety to you, Grace.

    ((( Jaz ))) I honor the elements as well! I imagine that just like almost everything – when taken to “Extremes”, they are a fierce deadly force. I understand, though, that this is one way Nature reclaims and renews our Earth. Thank you for your prayers, sweet soul!


  6. I honor the element of Fire and ask that it move on now. I honor the Element of water and ask that gentle rain flows. I honor the element of Air and ask the wind be just strong enough and under Divine guidance that the air will clear and the Fire laid to rest. I honor the element of Earth and ask that it hold firm when the rains come. I honor the Spirit that is in all and is all that these things may come to pass in a way that brings only healing.

    It’s all I know to do….

    I love you, stay well.

    I honor the elements with you, Sister, and put myself in agreement with your words. So be it. And you have done MORE than I could even hope for ((( Sign ))) I love you too, emensely!


  7. Those photos are awesome. Very fightening yet something about them is beautiful. (I hope that makes sense). My step-daughter is there in san diego and has been evacuated to the statium. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you in harms way.

    Autumn, what a beautiful name and my favorite time of year :) THANK YOU for stopping by and I send my prayers for your daughters quick relief. Thankfully is seems that everything is under excellent control at Qualcom Stadium, and by now, your daughter is one that has been allowed to go home. I appreciate you stopping by so much and adding your thoughts. BB!


  8. it is horrific, just horrific.. each summer we live in fear of this inferno. And most of our bush fires are started by arsonists.
    sending many blessings and prayers to all those affected.. and angels to the fire fighters to protect them all.

    ((( miss *R ))) Oh, I imagine you know exactly what we are going through, knowing where you live! I appreciate your comments and prayers for all those affected. And yes – Guardian angels for the Fire Fighters, themselves OUR angels! Namaste!


  9. Sending thoughts and prayers to all those in these fires. I’ve heard other stories like yours from friends there; this is just devastating.

    Thank you SO much, Carolyn! I know that all of the prayers and good thoughts people are sending are HELPING! And even after our fires stop making the 6:00 News, there will be alot of work to do to help people get their feet back on the ground.


  10. The pictures are humbling. I had no idea you lived out in this area. It must be such a mess. I hope you are doing well.

    ((( Goldenferi))) Thank you! I’m doing just fine…but many of my “neighbors” aren’t. Until they are, we need to keep working. It was nice of you to drop by!


  11. Hey gracie,
    It’s clearing up here where I am – how’s bout you? Any better your way? Last week was a nightmare for all of us, some much worse than others though. The last count was 2,000 homes lost. And yes, no one is talking about the mudslides that will doubtless come if we get any serious rain this year, which we also happen to need pretty desperately.

    I’m glad you are safe. And God bless us Californians – though nuts and twigs may be in our brains, we know how to pull together and rebuild and carry on, don’t we?


    It’s not bad today, Annie! Sort of like a fine hazy cloud settling on all the stuff “out there”, but it’s good in the Tree House (my eyes still sort of burn, but then, I’ve been up since 2 a.m., too! LOL)

    And you’re right. Us Californians ROCK!!

    Hugs…glad you’re doing good today too :)


  12. It is like you say in your last comment, “Californians Rock”. To endure what so many of you are at this time is unbelievable as can be seen in the pictures. Stay safe and thank you for share them with us.

    ((( Bill! ))) Thank you so much. I’m doing well and the fires aren’t even making the news much now (per usual). Thanks for coming by!


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