A Prayer For Fall – Lynn Andrews



Great Spirit, I honor you all the waking days of my life.

Oh great wise ones who guide us on our sacred journey,

You know when to reveal the mysteries of truth,

Just as the clouds part and allow us

To see the snowcapped mountains that were obscured from view.

I am learning that truth burns like a fire,

And when I am filled with psychic debris that I have collected

In my experiences through my lifetime,

Truth, at the wrong moment, can burn me beyond recognition.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for helping me understand that my journey

Is a careful one

 and that I must place each foot carefully on the path,

Walking with judgment and discernment.

It is inappropriate to run wildly and carelessly on this sacred journey.

Even with this knowledge, I am grateful for my spontaneity,and my wildness of spirit.

I understand the difference between the wildness of my own soul

And carelessness and thoughtlessness on my path to evolution.

As I look out at my sacred landscape,

I see great boulders that look like eagles,

And clouds that look like wolves, passing above me in the sky.

The great thunderhead clouds reflect kachina dolls

Dancing in the spirit world across the sacred plains.

The mountains rise majestically above the clouds,

 and the rivers flow

Like luminous fibers of silver through the life force of my universe.

I hold hands with my sisters and my brothers,

committed to harmony and peace,

And an understanding of the human condition.

Truth has many names, but all truth is the same.

Those who say that they know the truth, know nothing.

And those who say they know nothing, know the truth.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for this magnificent schoolhouse we call earth.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for the winged ones and the four-leggedsand the two-leggeds.

Thank you for the plants and the trees and the stones that were here before us

That teach us so many things.

I give you my trust, Great Spirit, as you have given me my life.

Thank you for your blessings. Ho!


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