Dancing With The Light


“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.

It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” – Wayne Dyer


When I go out in the mornings, the last part of my walk has me heading due East.  The walking trail is sprinkled with trees lining one side, and hilly residential backyards and empty lots on the other.  At certain hours in the day, those same trees provide shade over half the trail and provides some shelter from the hot California sun.  The sun is taking longer to come up now, and I know my early morning walks are soon to be packed away for the Winter.  But I love to observe the changing of  shadows and light that comes slowly over time. Spring transitions into Summer…Summer into Fall.  And now, Fall is ready to yield into Winter.

One morning not long ago, as I came around a particular bend on my way home, I was absolutely blinded by the 8:00 a.m. sun.  At that particular time and angle, it was hitting me full force in the face.  I kept walking, eyes almost completely closed and gazing downwards through my lashes.  I could only see about one to two steps in front of me at most, but since I’ve walked the trail so often, I just kept walking – feeling my way more than seeing it.  The path is familiar, and I could see just enough to know that I was heading in the right direction and wouldn’t go two-wheeling off into the rough dirt.  I ‘knew’ the trail was there, so I felt confident and at peace – even though my vision was almost completely obstructed.

As I walked, I began thinking about the interesting dynamic of having so much Light in front of me vs. having it behind me – like when I walk in the evenings.  What a difference that makes!  With the light behind me, the walk is easier, cooler and I can see clearly – at least, for a time.  A small shadow is cast in front of me, and as I walk, that shadow goes along….lengthening in front of me as the sun lowers in the sky.  The shadows around me begin to grow as well, closing in on me.  What initially began as an easy walk becomes a more speculative walk into shadowy darkness, as the sun sets behind me and I lose the light completely.

When I walk full face into the sun, however, the shadows are all behind me.  On this particular morning, I was enchanted with the fact that if I held my eyes almost closed, I could still just see the where I was going to step next.  And it so perfectly symbolized this spiritual journey that I’m walking.

I have a definite idea about where I want to go, and how I want to end up.  I also know that there are multitudes of paths that get ‘there’, and sometimes I speculate on which path to take that will continue to take me in the direction of the Light.  At times, all I know to do is to put one foot in front of the other, and keep moving.  Keep moving and believing that the next step will be revealed to me.  And the next.  And the next.   And that I won’t end up falling into a ditch or tangled up in the bushes. 

This particular morning, When the Light is very bright, my sight was so minimized that I was left depending on my other senses more.  I could feel when the power and the strength of The Sun was hitting me square on, so I could make minor adjustments to keep moving directly towards it.  Even with eyes closed, I knew which way to go because there was light breaking through my lids.   I could ‘see’ without seeing that I was going the right way.  It guided me with a light from within, behind my eyes. 

There were no shadows there.  It wasn’t the ‘dark’ blinding me, it was the Light. It’s brightness was prohibiting me from seeing more than just step or so at a time.  It was a walk of faith, born from desire to keep moving and to stay out of the shadows.  I felt some familiarity with the path, and yet I surrendered my need to see exactly every step I’m going to take.  I knew to keep walking towards the East.  Towards the Light.  Because that is where Home is waiting for me.

And I always get there – to exactly where I want to be – taking just one step at a time, enjoying the scenery along the way.

7 thoughts on “Dancing With The Light

  1. I am amazed again and again how there seems to be this web that connects us all to each other. Not just women, although that is where I am most open to seeing it. I’ve been thinking myself of how to dance with Light and Darkness, too. How do I find my rythym, the dance that I can feel from my soles to my soul? Now I remember. I dance through the silence, through the blisters and the bleeding, all the way through to the arms of Light, even when I cannot see where it is..I know that Light will join my dance, meet me in mid-step and be the Follower rather than the guide.

    ((( Signmom ))) That web is amazing!! And your comment is amazing as well. Not many are willing to admit that they dance between the Dark and the Light…WITH the dark and the light. It’s an honor to know you and call you my new friend. :) (and let me know if I can put your new blog link into your comments.. ;-)


  2. To the light. How lovely and very true, all the paths we can take, all the ones we investigate, to arrive at the place of healing, love and light blended.

    (((S.E.))) “Light Blended”…Oh, I love that! I’m considering a new post soon…chewing on it right now. Could be some throwback energy from that Deeksha I experienced ;) It’s about…blended light, so to speak. Where there is room for everything and nothing.


  3. I was meditating on this very thought this morning as I was struggling to see what’s ahead. Your words are the same that my spirit spoke to me.
    ” Keep moving and believing that the next step will be revealed to me”
    Isn’t it always? Why not enjoy the scenery along the way?
    There is such peace in surrendering to the universe and believing that the path will be laid out before us. We aren’t responsible for finding that path, it is already in front of us.
    Thank you for the beautiful confirmation!

    ((( V ))) We seem to be swimming in the same river these days, huh? Your comment is incredible – we are NOT responsible for ‘finding’ the path. It’s already there. <<< I need to write this in lipstick on my bathroom mirror (something I actually do now and then, when phrases really catch my attention!) :)


  4. What a wonderful post — so much wisdom and grace in one post. I’m so glad I found your blog. It is absolutely gorgeous — full of insight and beauty and spirit. I look forward to visiting often!

    ((( Carolyn ))) Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment! Do you have a blog as well??? I would love swapping reads with you ;-)….thanks again!


  5. Absolutely Beautiful words,

    Walking into the light with only the eyes of faith.

    Would that all of us followed your example.

    The world would be different.

    Love and Light, Light and Love,


    Thank you…L&L and L&L to you ((( Maithri )))


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