We Interrupt This Program…

I’m so excited!  I’ve taken today day off as a vacation day, and in a couple of hours I’ll be leaving for a long weekend out of town to a few of my favorite places.  Downtown Ventura, Santa Barbara and Solvang.  There’s just something about breaking out of the normal routine, and heading out on an adventure that really fills my Joy Tank to overflowing.

 Ok…and it keeps me sane, too. ;-)  It’s times like these that I just want to dance around with my hands in the air, shouting, “Wooo WHoo!  I’m FREE!”

Anyway, I’ll be back late Sunday.  In the meantime, I’d like to say something about all of you that I’ve come to know here in Blogland.  Your presence in my life makes it that much richer and fuller.  Only someone who doesn’t ‘do this’, doesn’t understand the friendships, love and care that can develop for people whom you’ve never set eyes on.  But let me tell you – some of my closest relationships over the years have been with people I met via the Net.  We’ve never stood in each other’s physical presence, but we’ve shared our hearts…our fears…our successes and joys and heartbreaks with each other.  And THAT is what makes a ‘real’ relationship.

So as I traaalaaalaaaa off for my weekend out of town, just remember this:

YOU MATTER.  You make a difference in the world and – more importantly – in the lives of every single person you touch here in Blogland.  You matter and make a difference in my life.  I am very often completely floored by the wisdom, humor, creativity and REALNESS that you bring here to share.  I’ve laughed with you and at you :)  (in the BEST sort of way).  I’ve shed tears with you, and for you…and for me.  I’ve grown into a better person because of you.

And it doesn’t matter whether we ‘met’ yesterday or months ago.  I consider you a precious gift in my life and – if I could – I’d reach through this screen and give you the biggest hug, and smather kisses all over your cheeks.

Because in my own way – in our own way – I love you.

Have a wonderful Friday and a GREAT weekend.  Talk to you soon!

Peace….Your friend,




21 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Program…

  1. you are a blessing back..have a wonderful wonderful weekend, wishing you tons of pleasant surprises..


    ((( Karoline ))) Thanks! I had a great time and I’m so grateful for your nice comment!


  2. OMGoddess, Grace!!!…you’re gorgeous!!! I don’t think I ever saw a photo of you on your other blog, although I wasn’t looking for one and could have missed it. Thanks so much for this. It is wonderful to have such a beautiful face to put with the beautiful spirit I know you to be. What fun! Your Aries aura just pours out of you in this photo. Love it!!

    Have a great trip and many faery xoxox!!!

    hehehe ((( Laura ))) I’m seriously blushing now. Thank you :) I think it’s so much fun to put a face to the words and the energies we get from each other – so I posted this on a whim! I had a great trip, too,,,thank you!! xoxoxox


  3. I would have sworn you’d have red hair! :D

    Have a great weekend!

    There’s just something about breaking out of the normal routine, and heading out on an adventure that really fills my Joy Tank to overflowing.

    Couldn’t agree more! I want to see some pics, if you take any! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Santa Barbara and I know I’ve never been to Solvang, but I think I’ve been to Ventura. Regardless, pictures if you’re so moved!

    LOLL Oh, it’s got some red light in there, girlfriend…you know it does! :) I wish I could say I took tons of pictures while I was gone, but my camera stayed snuggly in it’s case in the back of the car – I guess I’m not one for having fun and taking pics at the same time??? LOL Shoot. I’ll find some to snag for ya though ;)


  4. I am so blessed to have gotten the privilege to start getting to know you and look forward to much more of this same beauty you have to share.

    ((( Foxchild ))) YES! I feel exactly the same about you! :)


  5. Thanks, this was a great pick me up before my long weekend! I hope your journey brings you some fun and peace!
    Blessed Be

    ((( Sorrow11)) I’m so glad you stopped by then, and thank you :) I did have a great time! Namaste!


  6. You are beautiful Grace….inside and out ! ! !

    There is a kinship in this “blog land” “cyber world” … I am happy for you. Have a safe trip, relax and have fun!!!!

    Be Well!

    ((( Lucid ))) Thank you :) For everything! It’s wonderful to belong to your “tribe” !


  7. I was thinking the same thought as the others “Wow, She’s gorgeous!”
    Have a wonderful weekend refilling your tank.

    ((( V ))) OK…I’m beginning to blush now. “Gorgeous” isnt a word I normally associate with myself! LOL :) Thank you! xoxox


  8. Grace, have a wonderful time. I feel the same way about many of the friends I’ve made online. See you soon gorgeous woman. :-)

    Trée :) See ya soon, and thanks!


  9. You are one gorgeous lady Grace.

    Lady Grace…Goddess of the Phoenix.

    Love you girl!

    Enjoy your little Holiday…

    (((( Muse ))) :) thank you! Goddess of the Phoenix??? Oooh, I like that. And I LOVE you!! (had an awesome time…thx! xoxox)


  10. OK, you’re fucking gorgeous. I now officially hate you.

    Nah! Just kidding! Have a great weekend, sweetie – you deserve it. You’ve made my life better by being in it too. Believe it or not, you’ve gotten me through a little rough patch lately with your kind words…

    LOL ((( OB ))) :) You love me,,,,,you know you do ;-) I had a great time, thank you! And girl, if anything I said was of help to you, then I’m all KINDS of happy about that. xoxox


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  12. Grace, what a wonderful tribute to your bloghood!

    I for one forget that I matter…but yet there are so many of wonderful blog friends that I don’t think twice about calling my blogfriends! It doesn’t matter that these friendships begin weaving in the virtual world, because in my heart, they are as real as anyone else outside of it.

    Thank you Grace…YOU MATTER TOO…

    Peace in,

    Please….never forget again, Lil :) And I won’t either …thank you!


  13. Dear Grace,

    Your beautiful spirit radiates from your face, your words, and the beautiful things you do to bring light to the world.

    May the wings of love enfold you and keep you safe,


    ((( Maithri ))) Thank you so much…Blessings of peace and joy to you today!


  14. Hey Gracie,
    You’re such a love – so full of energy and life that it’s a pleasure to know you. Thanks for letting us all into your head and your heart. You’re a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and you matter to me too. I think we all have to have some great big coffee klatch somewhere – maybe we could just buy a neighborhood and all live there. LOL – course with all the chatting there wouldn’t be much blogging getting done, but who cares.

    Glad you had a great weekend – you deserve it.


    ((( Annie ))) Oh, that sounds like so much fun! LOL I’m so game! :) You know, I’m in Orange County…so coffee is definitely a possibility for any of ‘us’ that live in this area!! xoxox


  15. Beautiful Grace, I feel the same way about our cyberfriendships. They are a blessing. You’re lovely inside and out.

    ((( Mother W ))) Thank you…and thank you for YOUR beauty!


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