Body Talk


It’s been an interesting week.  Here it is Saturday and I’m just now beginning to see how so many of my experiences tie together.  I’m finally beginning to understand the next phase of the Inner Journey I’ve started a couple of months ago.  My body and my environment are speaking to me.

On Monday, I went to the doctor with pain in my left breast.  Intuitively I knew what was going on – and the answer – but since I hadn’t been to the doctor in a year, I decided to go and get checked up.  The tissue was all inflamed – no lumps, gratefully.  Just aggrevated by all the caffeine in my diet.  Fiber cystic tissue syndrome is pretty common, and I was diagnosed with it about 25 years ago.  In all this time I haven’t had much issue with it but lately, I’ve been sore. 

Breasts are an interesting body part, energetically.  They hover about the main area of the Heart chakra.  They provide nourishment to babies, and gratification for both partners when making love.  Breasts are ultimately ‘feminine’, and as a woman travels through the seasons of her life, her breasts travel with her.   Their tiny buddings herald a young girls’ ripening into womanhood.   We spend untold number of hours focused on them….buying just the right bra, fretting about their size (or lack of it)….wondering if we’re showing them off enough, or – in this day and age – too much.  And just as we’ve hit our stride as mature women, lifted higher with wisdom born of experience, our breasts decide to take a trip South. 

I realize now that my breasts were speaking to me.  The last several months have been a purging of sorts for me, on an emotional and spiritual level.  Lot’s of revisiting, letting go, and transcending.  And I’ve felt so good!  I’ve in so much peace and really feel connected with my life again.  And just as the inner chatter left, my body started talking.  It’s saying that it’s not enough to focus on what comes out of me as I evolve and ascend.   It’s also about what I take in.

I love that.  Whether it’s through food, media, sex or environment, “taking in” is ultimate Feminine energy – which, as I’ve mentioned before, seems to be the theme for my journey these days.  So what better spokesperson than my breasts to call attention to my need to detoxify and clean up my diet.  

It’s not a bad diet.  I eat alot of raw fruits and veggies, grains and legumes.  I eat low fat and low carb.  But I also loved coffee, the occasional cocktail, some chocolate, and some lean poultry or fish.  By most standards, it’s ‘healthy’ enough – but it’s not holistic enough.  It doesn’t adequately reflect my spiritual path and leaves me feeling somewhat hypocritical.  I’ve allowed myself to collect some flotsam and jetsom along the way – sort of like I had emotionally.

Tumel over at Thoughts and Things posted a video for the Bloggers Against Abuse campaign, and I just this morning made it over there to see it.  And it spoke to me as well, in a powerful way.  I hope you’ll take a visit, and a look.  I wasn’t able to view the whole thing in one sitting, but I intend to go back and try to finish it when I feel less convicted. 

So the ground has been weeded and cleared, and seeds of change have again been planted in my heart.  The message is clear:  It’s time to allow my inner life to be reflected even more in my outer choices.  And to allow my outer choices to support and inhance my inner journey, in a more loving and nonviolent way.

9 thoughts on “Body Talk

  1. This is exactly how and why I became a vegetarian. I will leave you with some links that helped me transition into conscious eating as a significant part of my spirituality and spiritual lifestyle.

    Famous poem by George Bernard Shaw
    All-Creatures is fount of information.

    New Veg:

    Women Against Violent Energies

    “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. As we talked of freedom and justice one day for all, we sat down to steaks. I am eating misery, I thought, as I took the first bite. And spit it out.” Alice Walker

    Thank you so much for all the information!! ((( MW ))) You know, over the years I’ve gone back and forth on this whole issue. On the one had, I want to eat with consciousness. On the other hand, I look at the animal kingdom and see carnivores are part of natural world. Are they ‘bad’ because they eat flesh – and not the flesh of their own kind, necessarily, but the flesh of other animals? Or is eating meat simply ‘bad’ because of the treatment of the animals themselves? I find it difficult at times to maintain a feeling of health – without protein. So perhaps for me it’s a matter of learning how to eat vegetarian in such a way that I don’t (a) over do on the carbs trying to fill up – not a healthy thing AND definitely not good for the waistline! and (b) learning how to bring more selection into my eating so that I am satisfied. I’m not sure I’ll ever be perfect at it – but I’ll continue to give it my best shot!


  2. Same thing happened to me about 7 years ago. Since then I went off of all caffenine and feel GREAT! Nice to be introduced to your blog. Recently, I had a collector tell me that pomegranates are a symbol of fertility and that i should include them in my paintings. I guess we were meant to meet!

    Hi, Lisa! How cool about the pomegranate symbolism for your work! :) Thanks for visiting and I look forward to visiting you more often as well! Namaste!


  3. I’ve never watched Meet Your Meat, but I’ve heard about it. I went vegetarian and then vegan without having ever seen any footage. I knew it would destroy me. I finally watched one last summer – Earthlings. I’ve heard it is one of the most intense. I’m not sure, because I’ve only watched that one. And yes, it destroyed me. Even though I was already vegan by then, I am glad I watched it. (in the sense that it was no longer good to let my self hide from the reality.) So, I know what you probably went through watching MYM. It is brave, and difficult, to face these things. But important.

    I spend time at an animal sanctuary, a couple times a month usually, and more and more, it is something that is completely necessary to me. I can be feeling like everything is flat and dull, and I go to the sanctuary and it is cleansing and peaceful, and I love it. I actually posted a video I found on youtube that was from the sanctuary, narrated by the cutest five year old boy. I hadn’t seen this post when I put that video up, but it will make a soothing juxtaposition to the MYM video.

    ((( Deb ))) You are a true gift to the animal kingdom :) I should be so loving and kind as you, and as conscientious about my lifestyle and my eating habits. Thanks for the wonderful comment and I’ll be over shortly to view your video. And I get that cleansing, peaceful feeling from my walks. The natural world is simply miraculous like that!


  4. Grace! Lovely post (pardon my absence…I’ve been doing a bit of travelling recently). You know…I’m one of those stupid women that probably won’t give up coffee (like I should), because I too, have been scared with fibrocystic breast tissue. My diet probably should be improved somewhat too. Gosh. Time for an overhaul and detailing here. Thanks for the reminder. Sigh. Time to get to work (just need a latte first!) – I know…terrible. Love you Grace…xoxo

    ((( Muse ))) I’ve missed you! :) And if it weren’t for the pain, I’d still be drinking caffeinated coffee, too! lol The decaf is ‘ok’…..and I miss the lift that it gives me in the morning….been feeling a little sluggish now this week. But eventually I hope that changes. And I’m trying to be diligent with some supplements for that reason. You know, I’m not sure I’ll ever be as perfect in my diet as I ‘want’ to be…Call it lack of willpower or whatever. But maybe the best I can do – that we can do :) – is the best we can do, and leave the ‘perfect’ for those who are. ;-) Love to you and have a GRANDE LATTE for me! XOXOX


  5. I’m with Deb, I went vegetarian without ever watching the Meat Your Meat video for the same reasons. I knew through my increased awareness (reading, learning, information from the web) what was going on and decided I needed to eat peace. It does take a courageous willingness to know to face the reality. Your thought processes about “taking in,” holistic health, and living my spirituality, are exactly where and how I started however. My love of animals and journey into Mother Earth Spirituality greatly heightened and deepened my reverence for all sentient beings. I’ve never looked back…its been highly rewarding. Abundant Blessings to you, MW

    ((( MW ))) May I show the same resolve born of conviction that you have. Thank you :)


  6. Hi, Grace!

    Well, now you know why I went back to being an almost vegan years ago (I only eat organic cheese on lasagna and pizza). I also went organic and gave up all forms of sugar (nasty cancer stuff). Those perimenopause hormones of ours like it better that way. And I feel great. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel.

    I’m so happy you are also listening to your body as well as your heart. It is a wonderful way to live, isn’t it?

    Much love to you and many faery xoxoxox!!!

    ((( Laura ))) LOL Want to hear something funny? Other than the pain in my breast being gone (which I’m glad about btw), I’ve actually felt worse this week than I have in a long time. I’m tired and a bit sluggish, my hips and legs have been acheing, and I don’t have nearly the energy. In fact, bodily speaking, this has been one of the more uncomfortable weeks I’ve had in awhile – not even getting my regular exerise. It’s too dark in the mornings to walk now before work, and with whatever is happening in my lower back, I didn’t want to chance yoga. I’m sure there is a message here – and I’ve been asking. My hope is that this too shall pass, and I’ll feel physically more like myself soon! XOXOX


  7. Thank you for linking this Grace. It was very sweet of you to do.

    For me, only two years ago I went from one extreme of eating to another, from not concerning myself or not thinking of what I ate to eating only things that were able to be eaten raw. I try for a balance now and I still find I need to read so much of this. I love what others have said here too about vegetarianism, and I search for something to place on my blog now to offset and balance the video that is there now, as Deb has done.

    I came across the video ‘meet your meat’ after I gave up meat too and the video just made me believe more that it was the right thing to do. I did not find it hard to do at all, and I don’t think you will either. Like you, I never really ate a lot of meat or drank milk but I think it is moreso that my body, our bodies, do not really have a need for this.

    I believe in what Laura mentions too, that it is such a wonderful thing to be intune with your body and well as your heart.:)

    ((( Tumel ))) I’m so glad that you didn’t find it hard to give up meat. I’m actually finding it a little more difficult than I thought I would, as where before I would have some lean protein – and the feelings of fullness that gave me – I’m not feeling nearly as satisfied on just the veggies and fruit. I don’t want to eat too many carbs – pastas, rice, etc. – because they are so fattening. So…I’m working on finding the answer. I’m sure it’s just a matter of teaching myself some new things, and being diligent with it. Being in tune and staying in tune is the challenge! lol ;-) Thank you for visiting!


  8. Hiya,

    For me to find the balance was to get some decent vegan cookbooks and find out about the nutrients and things I needed to eat.

    One book I really like alot is a combination talking about foods and their effects and another part with recipes. It’s Food For life by Dr. Neal Barnard. There were/are others but he explains simply and I liked it.

    Yes, we do alot of our own cooking (all of it) but I love it and I think the preparing food is a spiritual thing I have to do. Eating vegan since 1995 and I’ve never eaten better of loved my food so much. I’ve always felt funny about eating meat and when I started learning about the food I eat I started to see why.

    Last thing — gotten a mammogram lately? Just a thought.

    Peace and peaches.

    ~ RS ~

    Thanks for the input, Ruby :) And yes, I do get yearly mamograms and my next one is scheduled for December. My doctor didn’t think it was necessary to do it earlier than that.


  9. You will find the right answer for yourself Grace, I am sure of it.:) I did want to mention one thing though about the vitamin B-12. I do take this as a supplement for now, because I am not sure as yet if I do get it through what I eat and I would rather be safe in this. It is the same with protein, it is still questionable to me in what foods I get it from. I have been eating almonds for this, but I do still eat fish at times.

    ((( Tumel ))) Thank you for your faith in me! :) It’s nice to be understood. B-12 huh? I take Omega3s and E, along with a daily supplement, but not the B12. I’ll keep that in mind!


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