The Power of Us


People all over the world today will be blogging against it.   I imagine that there will be  multitudes of people retelling their own personal stories with it as well.  Stories of pain, heartbreak, fear, courage and triumph.  People will be blogging as to the nature of it, the root of it, and the answer to it.  It involves children, women, men, animals and the Natural world.  Governments and Politicians do it.  Judicial systems and military systems do it. Sick demented people do it.   Average, every-day people do it.


Can anyone read that word without reacting strongly to it?  And what is abuse, anyway?  So much comes to mind.  For the sake of my post I’d like to define it simply as this:  The abnormal use of personal power. Ab-Use.

With each new day, each of us is given a blank slate.  From the moment we open our eyes, we have the opportunity, given to us by our Creator, to be the Masters and Mistresses of our lives through the gift of free-will.  We have the use of our bodies and our intellects, our creativity and our feelings, our spirits and our words.  And we can direct them in whatever way we choose.  What power we have been given! What enormous potential for good – in both large and small ways.  Unlike any other creature on the face of the planet, we have the wherewithall for self-realization and self-actualization.  We have the mental processes and physical capabilities to give shape to anything that our minds can imagine.

Humans are extraordinary in their ability to transcend even the most horrendous, heinous situations.  We’ve all seen the beauty that can arise from the most impoverished conditions.  We’ve seen faith shown in the face of insurmountable odds, and courage, grace and joy demonstrated in the midst of complete disaster.  We’ve been witness to an outpouring of love – and with it, forgiveness – in direct response to the most unloving, unforgiveable of human atrocities.

To me, these examples define the ‘normal’ use of our personal power – normal in the sense that we are most like the One Who Created us when we utilize our free wills in ways that perpetuate good will,  harmony, community and safety towards one another.  Towards the Earth.  And towards those that will come after us.  To me, it is normal to be a good steward of our resources, to offer a kind word rather than a harsh criticism, or a healing touch rather than a slap to the face.  It is normal to want to make sure that each person and each animal and each resource is treated with respect, honor and a sacred awareness that we are all connected on a deep, mysterious level.  It is normal to give.  To protect. To love.  When we engage in anything else, we have forgotten our sanity and our humanity and our divinity. We have become abnormal.

Today, I would like to offer a prayer.  A prayer for all of us.  May we be ever mindful about the way we chose to use our personal power towards one another and towards our selves.  May we be in our right minds as we interact with each other – minds that have been renewed and healed by the Spirit of God.  May we demonstrate to our fellow citizens, to the Earth, and to our children that it is normal to be kind, brave, generous and truthful.  And may we never forget that we have been granted the unbelieveable honor of demonstrating the power of Love – the very nature of God – in every choice we make.


THANK YOU to RubyShooz for making this blogging event known to so many of us.

13 thoughts on “The Power of Us

  1. I’m so glad you participated! It is really late for me and I should be in bed already, so I can’t come up with more to say. I’m just really happy that people are picking up their pens for this!

    :) Thanks, Deb. And thanks for picking up your pen as well! Together, it all makes a difference.


  2. Perfect post Grace, I am so glad you took up the banner and approached this subject from this angle. Wonderful, excellent and exactly right. Thank you.

    Peace, blessings and energy to you. I’m with Deb – it’s been a long night – shoot, already 2:05 am here now so…

    ~ RS ~

    Thank you, Ruby. Your appreciation means alot and thanks again for holding the banner high for us all to rally around. Namaste!


  3. Hello, my Awesome Aries Sister!!

    Your post reminds me of yet another reason why I am happy to be a Wiccan. We have two rules in Wicca. The first is called the “Wiccan Rede,” and it says, “Do what you will if it hurts no one.” That seems easy at first, but it is a good caution for a Witch. It means the obvious…that we will do nothing to hurt another on purpose.

    But it also means we do not cast spells that go against the “will” of another. So many times people come to us and want us to cast a spell that will “change” someone for the better. Who is to say what is best for another? Even when that answer seems black and white, it is still a spell that goes against the will of another, and we won’t do it.

    That includes all those requests we get “to make someone fall in love with me.” Ha! You know me well enough to know my answer to that one. Instead, I tell them before they can attact a good mate they must learn to fall in love with themselves. Of course they don’t want to hear this. Then I give them a spell/ritual to help them become more Love-able. And the Goddess takes care of the rest (big smile).

    Much love to you and many faery xoxox!!! I am so looking forward to pics of your new baby boy. But I can relate to it taking a while. Kittens are constant motion for the first two years. That’s why all your photos involve running and leaping and look like the blurry action shots that they are. Ha! Then they drop totally unconscious for a kitten nap. 10 minutes later their eyes pop open, and they are “Speed-Racers” again. Be sure to plant some sweet faery kisses on that soft place behind his ear for me during one of those down times.

    I love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Thank you my Sweet Wonderful Good Witch Faery Godmother! lolol :) I appreciate the rules of your wiccan ways very much. I don’t do any spell casting in the ‘witchery’ sense, although the more I read about it, the more I see the similarities between prayer, affirmation, and using ‘props’ that help increase one’s faith and focus….seems to me it’s all just a matter of perspective, sometimes. These days I’m taking the ‘easy’ way out – I’ve just surrendered it all and simply deal with whatever comes! lol I have my dreams and desires and such – and they are in Good Hands – and the best part is, I don’t have to stress about how it’s all going to work out.

    My Big Boy is doing GREAT, thank you! Laura, he is HUGE – wait until you see him. Wonder if he’s full grown at 15 months, because when he stands on his back legs, he must stand 25″ tall! I’ve managed to get a few shots of him….but they’re all as he’s walking/moving away! Sitting for a portrait just isn’t his thing yet…But SOON – even if it’s just his backside – I’ll post some!

    Lots of love being sent to you…and thank you for all your love and support!


  4. A nice write here Grace! Unfortunately, I neglected to participate in this collective effort among the blogging community. Aside from the fact I have been under the weather here lately, it totally slipped my mind. Will I end-up in the doghouse for this? Geez Louise, I hope not. Though, I am very accustomed to being the the doghouse, the treehouse, and a few other houses. I’ll try to get something posted.

    Thanks for everything!

    Ato de…

    Namaste, Hawk. No dog house for you – just a good thought that you’ll be feeling better soon. Hey, I live in the Tree House! :) Be sure to swoop down for a chat the next time you’re in my ‘hood!


  5. Good post, Grace! I’m so happy to see all the posts about this topic today. Amazing what people can do together!

    It’s been a wonderfully inspiring day to see how people took this topic to heart, OB! The universe was supercharged with lots of good intentions today!


  6. Ohh I’m so happy to have found your blog! It is fabulous…

    I’m definitely linking you up!

    Lots of love,


    jennifer…thank YOU for stopping by. Coming from you – whose site is just an amazingly refreshing fount of wisdom – I’m so pleased! Love to you!


  7. Dear Cat-Mommy Grace!

    No, your baby boy isn’t full grown yet. A cat is full-grown at 4 years of age. That’s when his skull stops growing. I have one of those HUGE baby boys right now too. He is an orange abandoned stray who showed up on my back porch with my feral colony in March.

    I got him fixed for my neighbor in April. But kept him inside to see WHY he was abandoned. There is always a reason. Usually it is because people teach a cat bad habits and then dump the cat for it. That’s was his problem. Someone had played with him like a dog…you know the way you slap a dog lightly on the sides of its face and it loves it. Well, you do that to a cat, and they hate it and become biters. That’s what happened to this one. So as I was training him not to be a biter, I fell in love with him (Gee, imagine that?!), and decided to keep him.

    His name is “Sweet Potato,” and he is about a year old and VERY BIG. He is going to be a HUGE orange cat when he is 4 and fully grown. Fortunately, he has learned that hands are not for biting, and that being stroked on the head is a good thing, so his biting days are over.

    Ha! Having a kitten/young cat teaches you to become a very fast picture-taker. You have less than second, so you have to snap fast. I figure with mine if I can get 10 good pictures on the roll I’m doing really well. Yes, my house really is like that….cats flying around, chasing each other, things crashing…that’s morning in my house. Thank the Goddess for those long afternoon cat naps and a Sleep Number bed (which cats love just as much or more than people *grin*).

    Much love to you my Aries-Goddess Sister!! I look forward to those cat snaps when you can get them. Sending much faery bliss to you today. And a little faery dust too, bright pink of course…~*.~*.~*.~*.~*.~*.~*.!!

    ((( Laura ))) I finally got some good shots of The Master (LOL) and now I can’t find the cable for downloading :( He’s such a joy to have around – very wise and serene, even being so young (15 mos.) He’s about 20″ without his tail – very lanky like a true King of the Realm…and sort of Egyptianesque in his body & face shapes! Today is Saturday which means I get to spend a whole weekend at home with him….things are working out so great! I truly believe that our meeting was Divinely Arranged – just like yours and mine! xoxoxxox


  8. Hi Grace – You say “May we be in our right minds as we interact with each other.” How important that is! Personally speaking, I know that I am *not* in my right mind a lot of the time! A lot of the time, I am coming from anger and frustration instead of love, because I lose sight of the personal power of which you speak.

    All we humans have to do is to come to our senses and realize we have that power and all will be well. I really believe that day will come. Thank you for your powerful words!

    And thanks, too, for the nice words you left on my blog. I’m glad you dropped by, not least because it has allowed me to discover this wonderful blog of yours. I will put in a link!

    Hello, Simon! Thank you so much for your kind remark – and I can totally relate to what you are saying. Many of us can walk through life daydreaming or asleep. It’s time to wake up to our true Selves, isn’t it? Thanks for joining the journey! You have a fabulous blog as well and it’s an honor to be linked up with you. Namaste!


  9. I so like what you have said here:) especially that each new day we are given a fresh slate.

    ((( Tumel ))) :) I truly believe that every sunrise is God’s way of saying “I’m giving you a Do Over” lol Thanks for stopping by!


  10. Hi, Grace!

    Egyptianesque…hmmm. Sounds like my Patron Goddess Bast sent you one of her cats. How magickal!!! You know what that means? She sent part of me to live with you. Isn’t that fabulous??!!

    What have you named your big boy? I am currently writing the second novel in my “Witchery Series,” and Bast is the Patron Goddess of the main character in this novel. She has three boy kitties, and she named them all after Egyptian Gods…Horus, Thoth, and Re. If you don’t have a name yet for him, those are good ones for an Egyptianesque cat (grin). Thoth is my favorite of the Gods…he’s the God of Writing and Magick. His priests were like the “magick police,” making sure only good magick reigned in Egypt. Really nice guy.

    I know exactly how happy you are to spend all weekend with your new furbaby. I always hate to leave one of mine when they are new to my house.

    I have a new blog post up tday. Check it out when you get a chance (The Magick Box). I think you’ll like it. Also one of my blog buddies is “transforming” my blog into a paradise of PINK this weekend. Some changes have already started to take place. Big fun!! I’ll post more about it when it is finished.

    Much faery love to you and your BIG boy!!! Can’t wait to see the photos. My Goodness, Grace, I’m just crazy about YOU!!



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