Mother’s Little Helpers


…..“Madonna of the Pomegranate”, Botticelli

First I saw his dogs – all three of them from the vertically challenged and mutated leg variety.    Then I saw him, walking in a bent over shuffle,  so intent on his business that he didn’t call his dogs back when they came leaping and yapping towards me.

When I crested the hill, saw him and realized what he was doing, I just had to smile to myself.  I had been sure I was the only one in the world that did that!  And yet there he was!  Much older than I, and with a thoroughness and skill born of experience, his motions were graceful and fluid.  He was my comrade in The Light:

A Worm Rescuer.

The rain had just stopped an hour before, so the sidewalk was covered with them – Earthworms, some of which were a good 6 inches long and as fat as pencils. In fact, this particular point in the trail must be the Orange Crush of the crawly world because even the slightest touch of dampness is enough to get the little beasties roaming and flopping about in all directions.  It’s a rare morning that doesn’t have me doing just what this man was.   If I eye one that looks (a) alive and (b) big enough to handle a touch without injury in the process, I stoop – scoop – and toss. I only toss a few, though, because – well – because Earthworms make me Think.

Why have they chosen to crawl across the cement?  Have they found themselves there by accident?  Have they been dropped there from On High by a bird with a loose grip?  Do they KNOW that there’s almost no chance they’ll make it across the 7 foot span of walkway to the other side?  Are they intentionally committing Squirmacide?

And the biggest question of all:  Am I interferring with the natural Circle of Life by picking them up and tossing them back onto the grass? 

This question has become even more important to me in recent weeks.  My entire way of Doing Life has dramatically changed.  It’s almost as if by living a Surrendered lifestyle intentionally, I’ve finally come into my Yin energy in full measure.   I don’t push against The Flow any more.  Rather, I walk with anticipation one step at a time – waiting to see what Flows towards me next.  It’s about Receiving and Being vs. Doing and Bulldozing.  Somehow I’ve gone softer, my days and attitude more pliable, like a piece of clay in the Hands of the Universe.  It’s not that I don’t ‘do’ things or have my own opinion.  I do!  But I don’t define myself by them anymore.  The boundaries of my life are fluid and by living from a heart centered place, surrendered to the process of my life, I’ve been liberated.  I accept those things and people which enter my experience as Directly Sent Ones.  “Manifesting” has taken on all whole new meaning as secret desires suddenly become concrete realities but without all the trying.

Concrete.  On a hot summer day, one will find Earthworm skeletons on the path tossed about like confetti.  And I noticed something. Many of them curl in upon themselves in a Spiral – a shape I have come to honor as a sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine.  Of the word and practice of  “Gratitude”.  Spirals are everywhere in the natural universe – and that simply cannot be a coincidence!

So then, my Burning Question.  Am I interferring with the course of their destinies when I choose to pick them up and ‘rescue’ them?  With an innate inner knowing, have they come to offer up themselves in Gratitude to the Great Goddess who created them, returning back to the Earth to be reclaimed, recycled, and reborn? 

Am I pushing against THEIR flow?

14 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helpers

  1. We, for the most part, are kind, caring, loving individuals (humans). I think it is in our “nature” to help our own kind, as well as the animals kindom. I think we are better off taking the chance and helping! Nautre is complex and sometimes confusing :)

    Have a lovely day Grace!


  2. Hello, my beloved Aries Sister!

    looks like you’ve become a willow tree bending this way and that in the sweet breeze, moving your gorgeous hair with the flow of the air faeries. What a wonderful way to live, yes?!

    I believe this Earthworm Experience is an exciting opportunity from the Goddess to learn how to hear Her Voice more clearly. Every time you bend over a worm, ask: “Should I rescue this one?” And then She will answer. Because you and I both know all of those earthworms have an individual destiny, and we don’t want to mess with that.

    Some come to the hot sidewalk through foolishness or were chased and need to be rescued. Others came as part of their endtime journey, and that is exactly where they wish to expire. Who are we to know which is which? So ask, and the answers will come to you for each one. You will be helping them all realize their individual destiny, and the earthworms will be helping you hear the Voice of the Goddess. Isn’t life WONDERFUL!!!

    Much love to you and many faery kisses today. I am giving out kisses today (rather than kisses and hugs) because I am wearing a new very bright pink lipstick (is there any other kind?…I think not!!). And these bright pink kisses look particularly lovely flying on faery wings across the country to you (big smile).


    OOOOO aaaaaa LOVE the bright pink lipstick! LOL I’ve taken to wearing more pink myself in recent weeks….THANK YOU! :) I wear your kisses with pleasure!

    You nailed it on the head for me (interesting…it was sort of a rhetorical question but I’m so happy some decided to answer it according to their hearts!) It seems as if my major ‘homework’ these days – in the best sense of the word, btw – is about hearing and listening to that Inner Guidance. Because like you said, I do believe that I am sent to ‘some’ worms to lend a hand – and, to others, I come quietly, without interference, acknowledging and honoring their own decisions.

    On a different (and totally selfish) note: The Earthworm just might be another Power Totem for me! I’ve just looked it up – and Earthworm brings the power of RENEWAL, TRANSFORMATION, HEALING (of self and others), STAMINA and REGENERATION! :) Laura, there are NO coincidences…and everything Speaks to us, doesn’t it?? LOL Wow – I had no idea!

    And guess what? YESTERDAY my adoption papers were accepted and I bring home my new friend, ally and companion tonight! I am so excited! He’s so beautiful – I’ll try to post pictures of him within a day or so….My new Feline Friend :)

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH – Sending you “wormy” vibes today! lolol


  3. Grace,
    In short I don’t think you are pushing against their flow. You are a part of their world, their creation. You are there to serve a purpose for the ones you rescue, just as they are there to serve a purpose for you.
    Peace and love!

    Thank you, Mark! What you say feels so right to me, especially in light of what I just learned (literally…just a moment ago! LOL) about Earthworms as a totem!

    Blessings of GRACE to you today!


  4. Earthworm is a restorative and Mother Earth healing totem…go earthworms!

    I found this:

    Q. What should I do if I see an earthworm on the sidewalk or driveway?

    A. Naturalist Jim Gilbert has this friendly advice: “Next time you see earthworms under your garage door or on your sidewalk after a rain shower, why not pick them up and put them in a shady garden spot so they can safely go back into the soil. This could be your way of thanking the earthworm population for many jobs well done.”

    And this:

    “….earthworms can live for some time in water if the oxygen supply is adequate. They don’t drown per se, but they may suffocate if the oxygen content is low. This is why worms leave the soil and crawl out on the sidewalk during a heavy rain—they are seeking oxygen. Earthworms are not adapted to feed in water, however, so they would starve to death in due course.”

    I really enjoyed this foray into your question and earthworms, “nature’s little farmers.”

    Happy earthworm rescuing…tis a worthy cause! We humans rescue all types of critters and animals in distress, why not the humble, eco-friendly, and helpful earthworm?

    Thank you, Mother Wintermoon! :) It’s just amazing how much time and attention are given this little creature -they play such an important part in the cycle of life here! Helping Save the Worm!!!


  5. I was just thinking, if we place them back onto soil that is still too drenched and saturated they will die, but leaving them on the sidewalk to dry out and shrivel up is a death sentance too. Their skin needs moisture to “breath.” What to do? Make sure the ground isn’t too wet where we place them back, or start a earthroom rescue where we put them in nice container and take them home to safe place in our gardens. :) They’re great for the garden and terrific eco-friendly composting too!

    Green living and worms go together.

    Wow…I feel a whole new Green Campaign coming on! “Save a Worm, Save the World!” LOL Thank you and I’ll keep their moisture balance in mind the next time I’m out stooping, plucking and placing! :)


  6. I’ve known other worm rescuers and thought they were crazy but that was then. Now, I’m not so sure. I think as has been pointed out already that they come out of the earth to keep from drowning but again, so many get stuck out and then the sun comes out…

    I’m not so sure I’d save a worm. I never have. Spiders though, I do save them as I was taught that they are our helpers. I don’t kill them – (or worms) – but I do put them outside.
    Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Peace and worms.
    ~ RS ~


  7. A NEW KITTY!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Yes, you MUST show us pictures of your new baby boy. How wonderful. You should see the BIG smile on my face. Much faery love to you both. WOW!! And if you have any questions about new kitty care or behavior, just send me an email. You know with all my zillions of cats I have encountered just about everything a new cat throw at you in any situation (grin).


    Thank you :) Now if the Young Master would just sit still long enough for me to get a good face shot! ;-)


  8. OMG, I thought I was the ONLY person (besides my toddler) who saved earthworms! Nice to meet you and others here who do the same…

    Your questions are ones that have rattled around in my head to while I’m doing my seemingly good samaritan job…and I love the research the Mother WM did to try to answer the biological question! I’ll certainly keep it in mind the next time I’m on a rescue mission (and I think I’m going to include it in a bio I’m creating for another site.)

    Peace in,

    Hey there, Lil :) Thanks for stopping by! And it’s a pleasure to meet another Worm Wrangler!


  9. One of my heroes (who is also known as a pirate) who spends his entire life saving all manner of creatures, was asked by a “conservative” talk show host if it was true that he (the pirate) had said that worms were more important than people.

    “Yes, of course they are. The earth, and therefore humans, can not survive without worms, but worms and the earth can survive without humans.”

    Okay, that was as best as I could remember from him recounting the story, but you get the idea. Worms rule!

    I personally think the sidewalk is against nature’s and mother earth’s flow. Saving a life is not.

    Wooo Whoo, WORMS RULE! :) You know what, Deb? I’ve held a secret fantasy since childhood of being a pirate! lol I use to live vicariously through the trashy romance novel genre for awhile….there are MASSIVE numbers of them about pirates and women dressing up as pirates or being ravaged by them. Arrrrr, I’m a sassy wench, I am ;)


  10. Thanks Grace! Of course I’ve seen you around the blog’hood and have enjoyed your comments so to finally see your view in it’s “natural habitat” is great! And I have to tell you that I don’t care much for blog-accompanying music (it takes too long to load sometimes), but this one kicks my new-age butt! Please tell me who it is…

    Oh Deb, I really like that analagy…thanks for posting it!

    Peace in,

    ((( Lil ))) :) Thanks for the props on my little neck of the BlogWoods! The musician’s name is BLUE: Here’s a link where you can find out more about him, and his album Indigo Soulstice!

    Isn’t he amazing???? I’m so glad that you like it. Peace all around!


  11. Grace, I love the opening photo, any information on that? I’ve been wondering the same as you but as to crickets. I have been finding a lot on their backs lately and was trying to right them and put them in a safe place because they were injured. Then I thought, they know what they are doing, I don’t, now what I have done to change their path?!?


  12. {{Grace}} I tried the link to ‘comments’ for this post and every time I did, it shut down my browser. But I have fortitude, persevered and, found another way in.

    I am thinking ‘thank god’ quite selfishly over what you have shared. You made ‘the shift’ and NOW understand and are getting a ‘feeling’ for, the genuine POWER of our Divine Feminine.

    You are getting an inkling about how ‘life’ doesn’t have anything to do with any particular form. ‘Life’ is what animates form. While ‘form’ may change, ‘life’ doesn’t. Life simply goes on and on as you can see, for no matter how many worms you save, there are still more. For that is the nature of Life. It continually resurrects itlself in another form.

    Most of the time, our focus is upon form and we spend many moments being concerned about that form nature, we ignore what that form nature is for, Life’s expression.

    I say ‘thank god’ quite honestly, because it is good to have another woman, open up to understanding past being a bleedy heart all the time, over our form natures.

    Divine love inspires our Divinity to come forth, where our human love, inspires us to forget we have a Divine nature.

    What a beautiful comment, Sue Ann :) It could be it’s own post. And I couldn’t agree with you more – our forms are to help us, not to bind us. Thank you for the awesome reminder!


  13. After having a lot of rain recently I notice that a lot of worms were dead on the foot path….It made me ask the question..Why do they crawl out of the ground in the rain to die…. After looking for an answer i realised they had no choice..If they stayed in the ground they would have died….If they crawl out they will die… There is no escape from death…

    So to comment on your question of saving the worm…..Did you save it or prolong the death….. If was meant to die in that moment that is why either choice that it made lead to its death…

    It was gods way…in some unusual way…. YOU PLAY GOD IF YOU SAVE IT…..


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