Fear of Flying


Some word, isn’t it?  It’s one of those words that brings up feelings of the very ‘worst’ in human experiences.  Adultery.  Lieing.  Cheating.  Faithlessness.  Duplicity.  Broken promises.

How those promises are broken, and by whom, is what I’d like to write about today.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned going through the worst betrayal of my life.  A month ago, I spent 48 hours in the sort of emotional pain that literally took my breathe away.  I was left in shock, disoriented and crushed. It was one of those “out of the blue” moments, shown so powerfully in tarot Major Arcana card, The Tower.  The Tower represents Sudden Unexpected Changes in our lives, where we are metaphorically tossed out of the window of what we believe to be a very secure and stable structure:  Our Own Thoughts.  Our foundational beliefs.  Just looking at the Tower is enough to make one cringe back in horror, fingers splayed in the Sign of the Cross, muttering “No! No!”

Not a pretty picture, is it?  How many of us have spent years constructing permenant impenetrable belief systems about others, life and – most importantly – ourselves?  We become experts at arguing our case, justifying our stance, and holding tight to our own versions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ True.  There is a sense of safety born of  having strong opinions and beliefs.  They can help us navigate our personal lives with some sort of continuity and structure.

With new eyes, I’ve come to look at that same structure as a prison of sorts.  I’ve come to understand that the tighter I hold on to “my” beliefs and “my” interpretation of things and “my” experiences, I can completely lock myself off from ever experiencing the So Much More that is out there.  When I let go of what I think and believe – and the judgements that come with that – and begin to look at life (and other peoples lives) – from an Observers/Students Point of View, something miraculous happens.

The details of my recent Tower experience aren’t nearly as important as the effect that it had on me.  I do remember the morning I woke up, on the second day, and Everything had changed for me.  Everything.  It was like a huge Gate had opened up in my consciousness and I could See – maybe for the very first time – how intricately interwoven all events in our lives are.  First, the events of my own life – and second, those intersections of my life with another.  In a very real way, I felt the Karmic Wheel of Life being worked out in my own reality and – because of that – I could see that every single person in my life, whether I have ‘judged’ them good, bad or inbetween – is some aspect of my own personality.  They are each important contributors to my spiritual evolution and awakening.  They all come to me, as I come to them, with gifts, lessons, and opportunities.

Because of this….because of being able to see how all is connected…. I knew there was only one thing for me to do.  I would honor the Law of Sowing and Reaping as a harvest came to full fruit in my own life by doing nothing else but forgive.  The choice was up to me but, having seen my own Face reflected back in the face of the other, forgiveness and release were my response. And I could honestly forgive with a grateful heart.  With this one act, the Circle had been completed, and an entirely New Life had opened up before me.

The Tower experiences of life can feel alot like something is being completely destroyed and we are left free falling falling falling downward to our death. Today I’d like to suggest that the Tower Experiences – and our response to them – are ultimately designed to shake us up in such a way that we have the opportunity to view life – and ourselves – from a Higher Perspective.  We have a choice when tossed out of the window of our safe, secure lives: We can fall to a painful death.

Or we can fly.


14 thoughts on “Fear of Flying

  1. Your writing is full of wisdom! True, we must remain flexible and not get caught up in a rigid tower. When we become rigid in our thoughts, we become dead to the possibilities and joys of the Universe. Peace and love!

    Helloooo, Mark! :) Thanks for stopping by my new place here and for your comments. Peace and Love right back atcha!


  2. Much love to my my Aries Sister (big wave!!). Wonderful post!! You are touching on an issue many refuse to believe…that we must take “responsibility” for our thoguhts, words, and actions. We cannot change this metaphysical law. Like attracts like, and we will sow what we reap. Cause and effect happens like clockwork whether you believe in it or not.

    I was lucky to learn this law a long time ago…the hard way like most people (grin)! But once you do, it is something you never forget. Sometimes I am criticized for always being positive. It makes me laugh. First, that someone would criticize a Witch (ha!…what are they thinking?!!). Second, that they don’t realize I live every aspect of my life “on purpose.” Why? It is very important to me to make sure I add to my “good karma account” every day. We are all adding to a good karma account or a bad karma account every day with what we say, think, and do. Why not be good to yourself by being good to others?

    If you walk this way for very long it will become more and more diffcult to say anything negative against anyone else. Who cares if it is the “truth” or not? Judgment is not my business. Rants are not my business. My business is finding the good in everything (because there is ALWAYS good in everything if you look hard enough) and releasing those words magickally into the Earth realm to do good. What a great wonderful, empowered life we can build for ourselves if we take this proactive approach.

    Sending you much love and many xoxoxoxo today!! Dear, Grace, I think you have grown into the leafy fabric of my heart (big smile).

    Hello My Lovely Aries Sister! :) Oh, your words ring with such truth for me! “Building” a life based on goodness is exactly my aim – and that goodness simply MUST begin with Truth. Why is it that being honest with ourselves – about ourselves – can be so challenging? Why is it that we feel we must hide our shadows, rather than embrace them as exactly as they are? It was only by embracing my shadows that I feel I am finally free, once and for all. I Love the Karma Bank analogy! You are so wise…and so funny. I’m sure you remember my ranting – funny thing is, I just don’t have ‘it’ in me any more to do that. I’m too busy trying to find ways that I am like others, rather than drawing attention to how dis-alike we may be. And I truly feel that I can do more good by staying up and positive – by speaking good words and acting in right ways – than I can with all the protesting & flailing about. So consider me a business partner :) AND I can think of no better place to be that all wrapped up in your beautiful green and pink Faery wings…that look alot like leaves! :) xoxoxox hugs and kisses, Laura!


  3. “I could do nothing else but forgive. The choice was up to me but, having seen my own Face reflected back in the face of the other, forgiveness and release were my response.”

    There is such truth and wisdom in that statement. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope that if I’m ever (figuratively) thrown out of a tower, I can react with as much grace (you are obviously named correctly)

    Dancing in the rain sister!

    ((( V- ))) Thank YOU for visiting me and for such kind words. I have a feeling that you have wings very loosely held against your back, ready to spread any time you need them.:) Dancing!


  4. There is nothing quite like freedom flapping like the gilded wings of a sparrow, or an exalted Phoenix…The door to the cage is opened and creaking in the breeze…

    Gosh, I love you :) the way you turn a phrase is nothing sort of magical! (and the Phoenix reference, it’s soooo… *taps her heart*….)


  5. Hello Grace!

    I choose to fly! I have noticed that there were and always will be people, or events who will throw the rocks up into the air to try and get me down, but I dodge them as much as I can.

    Isn’t it something how with a blink of an eye, life changes, and most of the time, the big changes come unexpectantly.

    I love the music in the back round when I visit. It is so peaceful!!! Thank you!

    ((( Lucid ))) :) Dodging falling rocks – GREAT metaphor!!! And I’m so happy you like this music – it’s particularly meaningful to me and I think ‘peace’ defines it as well! Thanks for the great comment and love to you!


  6. Grace,

    I found this out a few years back but earlier this year in a huge way so much so it really shook me. All those beliefs I had held were just that – my beliefs and not necessarily right ones either. On one hand it shook me up badly but on the other it freed me in a way I’d never known possible before. Thanks for putting it into writing the way you have. I’ve sort of struggled to find the correct wording for it since I get caught up in the emotion.

    Hope all is well with you today and tomorrow too!

    Peace and flying.

    ~ RS ~

    (I have to turn my music down – I like to be able to turn it on if I choose too but…I’d say more but won’t)

    ((( Ruby ))) Shook up and freedom – those two words are IT! Thank YOU for your kind comment, and I hope your day today is amazing!

    About the music – I like it :) And when it comes to these sorts of personalizations of one’s blog – I like to think there is room in the Blogworld for all of us to express ourselves in our own unique way. The music is very meaningful to me, and I am reminded of the wonderful post you did on Blogging without Obligation. One is given a choice to have the music on or off when they visit. Please feel free to turn if off if it offends you.
    Have a great Sunday!


  7. The failure to see outside our own perimeter lays all of us low at one time or another. It has cost me more, probably, than I can imagine. Seek daily to knock small holes in the shell and always try to see life through the eyes of others, the tendency of we humans, as far as I can see, is to keep attempting to withdraw within the shell. Resist.

    Glad you’ve come back.


    P.S.: I agree with Ruby on the music.

    Hiya, JerseyGuy :) Thanks for stopping by! You know, I have this feeling that ALL of us would be astounded if we could ‘see’ how much we’ve missed out on by not having a more expanding perspective on Life…ourselves…and others! The good news is, we can change! It’s good to be back again, thank you – and Namaste! (and please see my comment to Ruby on my choice to have music on my blog! :) )


  8. Grace Dear,

    I’m sorry I mentioned the music and you are right. We sure do have the power to choose. I should keep my mouth shut – I was sincerely trying to help and once again – kapow – I didn’t mean to offend you. I am not offended either, just tried to offer a friendly suggestion.

    Thankfully we can all march to our own drummers.

    About the post, I just wanted to share with you that I’d gone through something familiar. Sometimes I think I just shouldn’t comment.

    Peace and music.

    ~ RS ~

    Hey, Ruby :) I loved your comment! That’s why I started with it first. And in no way did you offend me. I just don’t take offense any more…to little things or to big things. And the stuff about the song widgets – well, it’s just personal preference – like what style/color we chose to wear our hair, or whether we like Chinese food or not. I already knew that you don’t care for them – you told me so over at your place a week or so ago! So I know not to expect music there – but the ‘sound’ of so many of your posts ring like beautiful music. So please know I’m very happy you commented (ALL OF IT!) AND I hope you’re having a good day today!


  9. Swooping in to perch for a spell before heading out in search for game.

    I have found it is much better to soar with Eagles, or Hawks as the case may be, than to fly with turkeys.

    BTW, I’m honoured you added the nest to your roll! Domo arigato!

    Mata ne…

    (( Hawk! )) Thanks for sinking your tallons in here for awhile! You wouldn’t know this but I talked about it on a previous blog. Hawk is one of my major Power totems (I was also told that Red Tail Hawk is my family totem). ANYWAY, In the last month, and for the first time ever, I was gifted with three hawk feathers. A beautiful huge one lives in the tree directly across from the Tree House (where I live) – and he’s been crying alot lately….


  10. Been there.

    Done that.

    Prefer to do what I did to the Berlin Wall, take a sledgehammer, wearing a three dollar sweater, and smile and swing away………….

    thanks for the memories, they aren’t all bad. ;)_

    LOL I LOVE this analogy! AND you’re welcome ;-)


  11. It is always about choice, at the end and the beginning. We choose to crash or to fly and flying is way more fun and exciting. Not to belittle your experience or anyone in that bit of humour. Sometimes, ‘life’ hits us over the head with a 2 by 4 before we take notice. Once we do take notice, nothing is ever the same and we learn, over and over, to open our heart, our self and yes, we learn that we are ‘us’, that we are ‘one.


  12. Joss, your words of wisdom are – again – such a blessing to me. I can feel the energy of them, because they are being spoken by a woman who as, and does, walk this talk. Thank you <3 Namaste


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