The Gift

The Queen – Photo by Grace

 “Can I have one of those?”

On the highest branches of a tree that grew along the walking path, I could see several large red fruit hung like Christmas ornaments.  After weeks of gazing at them hungrily, I wanted one of my own.  Not for food, mind you, although they are delicious, but for what they had come to mean to my Soul….and to the ongoing process of personal transformation I had been undergoing.

I’ll never forget the day I first became aware it.  Nearly falling flat on my face, I had tripped over a mangy clump of seeds in the middle of the road.  Who knows if it was tossed there by man or beast (although now I’m just as apt to believe it was the Tree Herself calling for my attention than anything else) but it definitely caught my attention and brought me to a dead stop.

A Pomengranate?  Why would someone be eating a pomegranate out here in the middle of  nowhere?  The thought of trying to eat such a juicy, messy, seedy fruit while bouncing up and down the path was laughable. I could just see myself trying, only to end up with a ruby red river trailing down my chin, staining my white T-shirt, and fingers, and everything else it touched.

As I was standing there pondering the pile, something crept into my line of vision, up and to the right.

Barely discernable in the natural compost piles, I could just make out some pomegranates in various states of decay, scattered around the base of a  wild looking tree.   It was adorned with pomegranates in various stages of bud, bulb, and burst. Well, whatdoyaknow? Pomegranates.  Out here!  Having my intial question answered, I headed back down the trail taking my thoughts with me.

Back in those days, I was just embracing the idea that everything I “stumble” upon in my life has meaning – if I pay attention, and take the time to look it up.  Hawk feathers at my feet.  Monarch butterflies landing on me from out of nowhere. Dragonflies and hummingbirds buzzing me, demanding my attention.  Even the trees that surrounded my home – Olive, Eucalyptus, Birch – were all rich in symbolic meaning.  Now, I added the pomegranate.

The Pomegranate has held the imaginations of humans – of women – for thousands upon thousands of years.   In art, literature, mythology, religion and handcrafts, the Pomegranate is as glorious in spiritual meaning as any other fruit – including the infamous Apple – and then some.  I had no idea!  But as I began to study the stories – especially that of Demeter and Persephone which speaks of the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth –  I could see the Handwriting of the Divine all over the Wall.

So, I asked for one from the Tree.  I can’t tell you exactly why I asked (although speaking to plants and animals is something I do and they speak back, don’t cha know), but I did and then ran up the berm to gaze up into the low hanging branches.  I was eyeballing all of the fruit looking for Just The Right One, and I  found it – much higher than the rest, but perfectly formed and without injury from any creatures.  I pulled down a couple of the branches, stretched my hand into her Depths, and captured my treasure.

Ahhh, the weight of it in my palm was magnificent.  Not quite ripe on one side, as it turns out, I wondered at her perfect little crown and shape, and about how I might ripen it indoors.  Oddly, as I continued down the path, I felt stronger with it in my hand – as if I were running with some Sacred Flame.

Then, I saw it.

Blood.  There was blood dripping down my forearms from two scratches – two inches of bright crimson – one on each side.  I had been marked by The Tree and before  I had the chance to wipe away the blood, a powerful message struck me.

We were Bloodsisters – the Wild Pomegranate and I.  The Queen had just cut a covenant with me – exchanging her gift for something from me.

We were now One.

10 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. I’m here (jumping up and down, waving crazily to my Aries Sister, and blowing many faery kisses your way)!!!

    Wow, I just love this blog. What a wonderful post. I’m so happy you are back in Blogland, and I am putting you on my list to visit daily. I love you so much, and it is plain to see you have been through quite a transformation. It was good to wait until the words came from this New Creature you have become. She is awesome!!! The peaceful colors of this blog are perfect too. You are the BEST!!


    (((( Laura )))) How wonderful that YOU should be my first visitor/commentor :) THANK YOU for all your love and support – you hold such a special place in my heart. Yes, I have been through a major transformation – for which I am so very grateful. I’m glad you like my new place here!! :) XOXOX


  2. Hello Grace- Good evening!

    What a sweet post, so delicate, yet powerful! Laura is right, these colors are beautiful and peaceful! Good choice!

    Glad you are back! Have a wonderful weekend!

    ((( Lucid ))) Thank you :)!


  3. So glad you’re back! Beautiful post! I can’t wait to see more of your journey. :)

    ahhh ((( Deb ))) thanks!! I’m looking forward to getting back to writing some.


  4. Yeah Grace! Rescued 2 more comments from the deadly grips of Spamorama today. Pomegranetes! Full of seeds and so steeped with feminine symbolism – I love how you described the heaviness of it as you held it in your hand. You’re going up on the blogroll immediately! Sooooo glad you’re back, sister.

    LOL Just called me the Spam Queen!!! Oh, I can’t wait to write more about the Poms – yes, the Divine Feminine….it all ties everything together for me. THANKS :) I’m so happy (especially) to be back in regular contact with all you Blog Divas…I’ve missed you all!


  5. Welcome back, cybersister. You have Graced us with a beautiful and eloquent post! Pomegrantes are interculturally and interspiritually ripe with significance, and reported health benefits. Wild pomegranate seeds are used to make a spice, called anardana, in Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisine. Spiciness suits you. Thank you for sharing the juicy seeds of your wild pomegranate. Let it flow. Blog Divas unite!

    Thank you, Mother WinterMoon! :) I didn’t know that, about the spice! It’s like another “Wow!” moment for me as I learn about this special fruit that’s become so important to me. United!


  6. I noticed an incoming link to my pages and curiously stumbled upon you…As I read your words I recognized something. The words familiar yet new. The style much the same but holding more…What is it? Ah yes…more peace. Then I see. It is you Grace. I have been trying to find you, and here you are. So peaceful and lovely this is. It makes me happy to see you back. I know it has been a life lesson for you, and I hope you are alright. One final thought regarding this piece…beautiful.


    Oh, Enreal!! I’ve left you a couple of posts in recent days but it seems that I’ve been relegated to the Spam Can on several blogs! I’m SOOO happy you followed the link here! I’ve missed you, too. As time goes on I’ll explain my absense but for now – YES! Major life lessons, and a new serenity that has altered me almost completely. THANK YOU for stopping by! Namaste!


  7. Grace! I am so glad that you have returned. You sound refreshed, invigorated and enlightened, my Goddess friend. I found you, only because I noted a new URL on my blog-stats page (phew! glad to have found you!).

    What a beautiful post! Absolutely beautiful. Pomegranates aside…(although I think they are beautiful, sacred fruit of the Divine feminine)…it sounds as though you are akin to Tree Spirits too (I am learning this as I travel along my path). This was the part of the post that struck me the most – your communication with the tree…and it’s “offering” to you…

    Having said this…Do you own a piece of amber? There is much protective energy and force trapped in these beautiful relics of ancient tree sap and DNA…As you develop spiritually, amber may help to transform and protect your spirit too. A tiny nugget on this decadent crystal…

    Much love Grace. xoxo. Glad to have you back!

    Grrrrr ((( Muse! ))) I’ve left several comments on your blog in recent days! For some reason, I’ve been marked for the Spam Can! LOL You might find them there – ANYWAY, I’m soooo happy you found me! :) YES, I do feel a kindred spiritedness with trees and have for some time now. Seems They want to kick our connection up a notch – Thank you for mentioning that as I take your words as a marker for me…The Spirit of the Tree did literally speak to my heart. And again, thank you for the info on Amber! I hadn’t realized what they were made of – Interestingly enough, my favorite fragrence in recent weeks has – as it’s main essence – Amber :) xoxoxox You are such a gift, Goddess Girlfriend!


  8. Found you through OB, and will be blogrolling you shortly. Love the poms, love the way you speak of them, can’t wait to read more!

    ((( Red ))) Hi!! :) Oh, it’s lovely to meet you and thank you very much. I’ll go check out your place shortly – and I’m sure I’ll love it!


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