Road Trippin’

Tomorrow I leave on a four day road trip out of state with one of my best girlfriends.

I love it when I have the chance to combine work and pleasure, and also have the opportunity to invite one of my home girls to ride shotgun.  We mostly work desk jobs, and these sorts of trips breathe new life into us by giving us the chance to get away and blow off some steam (and mostly on the boss’ nickel!)

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my last post…the people involved, the comments made, the wisdom to be had…Whenever I get invited to engage in another level of personal transformation, two things happen:  One, a layer gets peeled off the eyes of my understanding and I am left looking at some aspect of myself that needs to be healed, transmuted, acknowledged or embraced.  The second thing that happens is, suddenly I am being supported and surrounded in new and meaningful ways.

One of the places I’ll be visiting over the next several days is Sedona.  Oh, beautiful, sacred, powerful Sedona, with it’s breathtaking terra cotta mountains sculpted by the elements over the eons, it’s robin egg blue sky, and the deep evergreen foliage.


I’ve been to this area several times, and every time I go, I experience amazing magic.  The entire area is saturated in ancient Native American spirituality and powerful energies.  These are holy grounds.  I’ve stood on the top of the red rock mountains where powerful vortexes are located with dowsing rods in my hands.  I’ve sat in meditation and prayer on the very spots that shamans and medicine men of old did.  I’ve heard the voices of the Ancestors in the winds as I stood on the cliffs at sunset.  100_0161

It’s no coincidence that after a powerful awakening was triggered within me yesterday, that I would be going Sedona tomorrow.  I am SO READY.  I know something – someone – special awaits for me there.  Yeah, I gotta work on Tuesday.  But the rest of the four days are mine to play with and I intend to soak up every bit of the miraculous. There is powerful medicine there.

Every time I go to Sedona, It’s as if I’m coming home….and when I leave, I am a changed woman.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Eye Spy

eye_spyYesterday, I had a very interesting experience here in Blogland.

Well, THREE very interesting experiences, actually, and all in a single day.  This, in and of itself, was extraordinary. When something happens 3 times in a row, I know to pay extra attention.  I know the universe is speaking to me. (side note:  I’m an Penta-Aries. Mars is my planet, and I relate very strongly to the Empress Card (The Earth Mother)….if you opted to click on that link).

The fact that this all happened on 9/11 is also of import because 9/11 was a game changer for me.  But that story for another time.

Here’s what happened.

Three times yesterday, I stumbled upon posts that were written in direct response to, and inspired by, a comment I made.  Imagine that!  Little ol’ me saying something interesting enough (or, in one particular case, so misunderstood enough) that an entire post was dedicated to me – as in, I was mentioned in the opening lines!   Not once…not twice…but thrice!

Here comes the surreal part.  In all three cases, after these gals had been so inspired (or triggered) by something I had written that they spent what was surely a good amount of time framing and crafting their posts, none of them – not a single one – mentioned me by name:  Grace, of The Wild Pomegranate.

Nope. These posters spoke around me, using general terms to describe me like, “a commentor” and “one of my readers”.

The first time this happened, I giggled.  This blogger had seen a comment I made in reference to Dragonfly – a very potent ally when it comes to personal transformation – on someone else s blog.  Thinking about how Dragonfly starts as a lowly, mud crawling nymph who later becomes this beautiful iridescent high flying wonder, my comment was “Dragonfly teaches us that the way we begin is not necessarily the way we will end!

How fun, I thought!! The fact that she didn’t feel like mentioning specifically who inspired her didn’t seem that important at the time.  We’ve never visited each others blogs before, and serendipitously intersected at the same time and same place for a spark of inspiration to ignite.  No biggy!  (Although I did comment on her post, to let her know I had seen it). Ha! :)

But when it happened not once, but twice again, all in the same day, it gave me pause.  In fact, by the third time I wasn’t giggling at all.

In a very real way, reading these three posts felt as if I was attending a cocktail party, chit chatting along, when people started talking about me as if I wasn’t there…all the while I’m standing right next to them/

WTF is that? Am I invisible? Am I not important enough in their estimation to be personally acknowledged?  (Something I would do, if for no other reason that being polite.  But hey – that’s just me).  Did they feel threatened in some way, if they named me by name?

Didn’t they realize that I would be reading, and notice?  Or were they hoping I WOULDN’T notice, and just keep moving along?

This morning, I’ve got my Nancy Drew on.  I’m on the case, and I’m looking for clues and I’ve found a couple so far – but not enough to draw any conclusions.

One clue (besides the fact that all were female) is this:  In each case, the woman considers herself some sort of authority or guide or expert.  They’ve publicly declared to the rest of world that they are here to help us in some way:  Help us become better people or better writers.  They are here to teach us how to be more in touch with ourselves, our soul, and who we really.  And they’ve gone to great lengths to describe themselves as such.

This – along with the fact that they didn’t mention me by name (OK, pen name, but I’m blogging anonymously right now and without guilt – as the cute little photo on my side bar declares) – seems very important to me.

Keeping in mind that I am not to take anything personally (one of The Four Agreements, if you’re familiar, by the divine Miguel Ruiz), and yet, the world is always playing Show Me/Show You with all of us, I’m going to keep digging.

So far the only thing I find about myself reflected within this whole deal is that I’m female.  I don’t proclaim to be a teacher or an expert in anything except my own journey.   And because I get paid to write as part of my professional life, I am particularly sensitive to giving credit where credit is due.  If the Editor hadn’t put my name on any of the articles I’ve had published over the years, it would be weird.  I know this.  Even here, if one were to review my posts over the years, they would  notice that not only am I careful to give credit, I regularly promote the work and creative endeavors of others just because I want to.  In fact, I love promoting others.

Maybe that’s why I’m in Marketing.

Anyway, this investigation is a long way from being closed.  My own moral compass insists that I remain True North – even when it’s uncomfortable.  Even if it doesn’t make me the Popular Girl.  And even if it means taking a deep, hard, honest look at myself.  That’s no longer frightening after all I’ve been through, and after all the work I’ve done these many decades.  I’ve been to Hell and back and lived to tell about it.  I know who I am, what I’m here for, what I stand for and where I want to go.

But there is always something new to discover – about myself, about life, about others.

And you know what they say – the third times the charm!

Friday Fictioneers – The Window

friday-fictioneers I’m so enjoying the Friday Fictioneer flash fiction fun!

For those that are unfamiliar with Friday Fictioneers, hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, from Addicted to Purple, offers up a photo prompt as inspiration for writing an original 100 word (or less) story from start to finish.

Here is my offering for the week, coming in at 100 words exactly.

ffPhoto Credit: Janet Webb

The minute she walked in and found the window closed, she knew.

In three months, Shelby hadn’t closed that window. She didn’t need to! Her grandfather’s farm was in such a rural location, there was no fear of human intruders, and the screen successfully barred any critters that tried to get in.

Walking over to lift the bottom sash, her lips pulled into a crimson crescent while slim fingers quivered.


The whisper pierced her heart with a force that banished all grief and fear forever.

She turned and held out her hand.

He’d come back for her after all.

We Shall Not Forget!

All over the social media universe, people are posting photo memes in remembrance of 9/11 and the people who died on that nefarious day.

“We Shall Not Forget!” is the war cry to be heard, as if anyone who is paying any attention whatsoever COULD forget!

I can’t forget that, because of 9/11, the War on Terror has cost the American tax payers TRILLIONS of dollars ($10 Trillion as of 2011) while our schools, national infrastructure, and health care programs are crumbling and in complete disarray.  We can’t even care for the Wounded Warriors that are coming back home, broken in body, mind and spirit!

I can’t forget the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that have been taken – men, women and children – who were in the wrong place at the wrong time when the guns and drone bombs and IEDs went off.  The US has been killing civilians!  Many many more than were murdered on September 11, 2001.  What does that say about us?

I can’t forget that our personal privacy and civil liberties have been completely stripped in the name of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and Executive Order. Oh, Habeas Corpus, where art thou?  Maybe the NSA can tell us where you are!

With ISIS now encamped on the border just south of El Paso, Texas (God only knows how many terrorists have walked right in to our country because it’s politically incorrect to have our borders secured), with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in complete chaos thanks to our Regime Change programs, with American citizens being forced to be felt up in airports and fearful of anyone who looks remotely different than they do….it begs to be asked:

What have we REALLY accomplished in the 13 years since the World Trade Centers came crashing down?  (And what made World Trade Center 7 fall, anyway??  It wasn’t struck by a plane.)

Have we learned anything at all since that fateful day?  Have we made any progress whatsoever?

While we all watch and wait, holding our collective breath, to see if something tragic will happen yet again on this day….

Are we really “safer”?


How could I ever forget, when it’s never ended??